How conversational AI optimizes your marketing and sales investment

The key principle for marketing and sales is good communication with leads and clients. The one from conversational AI , to automate that communication. Combining both concepts we obtain a natural and effective communication but, overall, optimized.

Solutions such as chatbot and callbot permit us to automate communications with our leads and clients, in addition, to adapt the speech to their needs and interests.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence has changed the way in which people interact with websites, companies and products or solutions.

– Antonio Moragues, CTO at Walmeric –


The reason for its benefits to sales

  • Comprises transformation channels at a lower cost: it permits to optimize investment, allocating there those leads with less purchase intention. The goal resides in, without refusing to assist them, not invest human resources in those conversations before knowing if they will transform into sales.
  • Works as a leads filter: solutions such as chatbot or callbot permits to, by means of filter questions and the development of conversations, understand which leads would be interested in purchasing and which ones not. In this way, you could allocate those leads with higher purchase intention to more direct conversion channels, allowing you to optimize your sales resources.
  • Improves customer service: always offering an answer to their demands, reducing the waiting time, and facilitating to contact specialized commercial agents, through diverse contact means, in the case of a need of additional information or assistance in the purchase process.
  • Maximizes the available time to sell: permits 24/7 assistance, allowing every lead or user to have the possibility of acquiring any product or service they like out of opening times.
  • Facilitates the launching of Lead Nurturing actions: optimizing resources in a contact center in terms of time invested in contacting leads and making calls.
  • Avoids the loss of leads in peak times: assists contact center agents in peak hours and chats or calls overflow.
  • Permits to maintain multiple conversations simultaneously: conversational AI permits to have several ongoing conversations with leads and clients without a matter of the channel they are using, therefore maximizing resources.

Adopting conversational Artificial Intelligence is highly beneficial towards the correct development of a sales strategy. It permits us to optimize investment and resources while improving leads and clients experience.

In fact, It has been foreseen that a 47% of companies will adopt chatbots and 40% of virtual assistants before the end of 2020.

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