AIshow: How to enrich assisted sales by means of Artificial Intelligence?

Next month Walmeric will take part in AIshow as Silver Sponsor. As we introduced you a few weeks ago: our Head of Marketing, Irene Medina will share with the audience a presentation called How AI can help you to improve your sales: Lead Scoring, Match 360º, and Conversational labeling“.

We have already talked about the two first parts of the presentation; beginning with the benefits of Lead Scoring, a couple of weeks ago, and continuing, last week, with the advantages of Match 360.

Today, we would love to share with you the last part of the presentation, related to Conversational Labeled.

Improve user experience with Conversational Labeled

Conversational Labeling is an Artificial Intelligence-powered system. It allows knowing each client’s profile, their purchase reasons, or how they feel about the offer received.

The idea is to improve user experience with the aim of obtaining business goals.

How is user experience improved?

This AI-powered solution understands what happens in each call maintained.

It takes care of the information gathered: leads’ details and navigation. At the same, it detects feelings coming from their tone of voice and words they use the most in their speech.

In this way, it is possible to detect topics, products that interest them most, problems that lead could have found, etc.

Let’s give an example:

A user calls and in that moment an agent receives valuable information about that lead.

Due to the information that has been gathered, the agent knows the user is annoyed, angry, or even furious. It is possible to know that the lead is interested in more than a product even though the call was made asking for a specific product. Moreover, it permits to discover that it is not the first time that the user calls, therefore, it is possible that the level of anxiety is quite high.

In this case, the sales agent could contextualize the speech. Having received information prior to the call, it is possible to adapt the treatment to that specif situation.

Analyze and optimize sales practices

Conversational Labeled allows controlling a vast quantity of calls. By doing so, it allows verifying service quality

How are sales practices optimized?

Let’s put the case of a call center that receives 6.000 calls daily. The idea of having an entire department in charge of controlling the quality level of all calls would be prohibitive.

Conversational Labeled allows analyzing if the service responds to the level of quality that it is expected. It is possible to detect if the agent is mentioning proper words and suitable products, among others.

It is possible to analyze specific important aspects in every call with the aim of optimizing sales practices in the following calls.

For example, it is possible to obtain the rate of those clients who call with an annoyed tone of voice and by the end of the call present a happier tone.

What is the purpose?

Since Conversational Labeled analyzes topics, tone of voice, keywords, etc. of each call, it is possible to detect shared aspects among them.

In this way, it is possible to obtain learnings about the common points of those calls that began with an annoyed tone of voice and finalize the call with a happier tone in order to repeat the effect.

Walmeric will be waiting for you in AIshow, “the Smart AI revolution for business”, on the 29th y 30th October in IFEMA, Madrid.

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