How knowing your users’ propensity to buy will make you sell more


At Walmeric we have developed a model of incremental sales to success by results whose common thread is technology: we apply different AI models to qualify the leads and know what their propensity to purchase is.

Lead qualification allows to deliver to the sales force (either contact center or sales presence network) a complete analysis of the enriched lead data and its digital footprint, which allows to predict the probability of purchase, as well as to make the contact center service times more efficient.

“Purchase propensity models use all the information, both declared by the user and extracted from browsing, to identify patterns and relationships that allow us to anticipate purchase intent” commented Beatriz de Tena, business director of Global Roi Hub.

The data assigned by Artificial Intelligence to each user becomes extremely useful for the sales strategy since:

1. The contact center can assign priority to the lead that is most likely to convert.
2. A sales model can be replicated by collecting data from leads with certain characteristics that have converted.
3. Each lead is analyzed in real time allowing for a better user experience.

If you want to learn more about Global Roi Hub, the successful sales model that can help you achieve your goals, contact us.

Originally published in our Global ROI Hub newsletter.

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