How should marketing and sales strategies change for St. Valentine’s Day?

Christmas and sales have come to an end, which originates a decline in sales in several companies. St. Valentine’s Day is a golden opportunity to boost your position within the market and drive good results.

Nowadays, it has become an allegory to consumerism. And not just for florists, jewelry shops and  patisseries.

It is one of the most obvious examples of psychology applied to marketing; a feeling that influences purchase. Therefore, advertising agencies and companies take advantage of this chance.

Companies are now more conscious than before about the importance of focusing efforts and resources in acquiring new clients for this specific date. But, are they really accomplishing actions the way they should?

Selling vs. Selling in St. Valentine’s Day

It has to be taken into account that this specific date does not comprise a long purchase period. For this reason, actions to be taken cannot be compared to those delivered during sales and Christmas.

Segmenting leads

Segmented actions: find valuable leads

Given that the chances to transform leads into sales during this period are low, you should deliver more accurate actions.

As a result, segmentation becomes key in a period overloaded with emails and special promotions. Launch very segmented actions to find valuable leads.

These days we have plenty of usefulf data that can be used to do very accurate segmantations. For example:

Client A: student with low resources, with a record of purchases comprised by low-cost trips around Europe, he is not a potential client to buy a trip to India as a present to his partner.

Why would you invest resources, give him the chance to unsubscribe from the email list and lose the opportunity to sell him in the future?

Allocate your efforts to client B: middle-age woman without children and a record of purchases comprised by premium trips.

An appropriate segmentation will boost your results. You could then avoid to invest in actions that will not offer you any benefit and will make you loose potential clients.

Think of the fact that strategies designed today can have a great impact in the future.

Attracting leads

Change your sales message: this is not an occasion similar to any other

During St. Valentines Day, chances to transform leads into sales reduce. The message that you communicate with your marketing campaigns is key to promote your company as a better option against others.

Leads will receive several options that will give them visibility about the diversity of purchase chances they have. For this reason, the sales message and strategy should change.

During special dates such as St. Valentine’s Day, purchase intention is different. We do not try to solve any problem or assist any need our partner might have, we want to cause emotion and offer to our partner something beyond functionality.

Focus on user experience. Change your sales messages; from offering solutions to problems to offering experiences that add value to your customers.

Converting leads

Appropriate lead management: improve user experience

Let’s say that client B, middle-age woman without children and a record of purchases comprised by premium trips, has accessed to the promotion to buy a trip to India to her partner through an email that was sent to her as part of an emailing campaign.

We have increased sales probability. Now it is important to put all the efforts in offering her an appropriate treatment in order to close the sale.

1.  Which channel would be more convenient to her to proceed to the purchase? It could be that she needs help form a specialized agent or maybe assistance from a chatbot is enough.

When you offer as many contact means as possible to your leads, conversion probability increases. An omnichannel strategy can be your best allied.

2.  How to know who should give assistance to that lead? Artificial Intelligence helps us to connect each lead to the agent who has higher possibilities of closing the sale.

Solutions such as Match 360, from wiseS, permits to optimize sales processes to increase conversion probability.

3.  What happens if a lead does not convert at a first attempt? A key aspect within the conversion process is retargeting.

Products such as Lead Nurturing permits to automate actions to favour the conversion of those leads that did not convert at a first attempt. Through the design and automation of personalized actions it is possible to increase conversion probability.

St. Valentine’s Day is just a day that, every year more and more, offers good long time results to those companies that design good sales and marketing strategies.

Actions that you deliver on St. Valentine’s Day will not just increase your sales that day, but will position your brand within the market.

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