How to apply WhatsApp Business to your Lead Management strategy

If you have tried WhatsApp Business, you already know the value it has for a sales strategy; the openning of a new communication channel with your clients, releasing you from ending in the SPAM folder.

“Whatsapp Business will allow a more open and connected world” Mark Zuckerberg.

What do we provide to the use of WhatsApp Business?

Walmeric’s WhatsApp Business is an integrated service that allows to give answer, via instant messaging, to leads and clients requests; along with digital tracking and the establishment of an attribution and metrics ecosystem.

The union of Walmeric and WhatsApp Business means an integrated lead management procedure through a new communication channel.

New conversion channel.
New channel to develop Lead Nurturing strategies.
Gathering tracking of the whole process, from the lead online search to the end of the conversation had with a commercial agent.
Upselling and cross-selling method.
Gathering lead information in forms of labels to set up following actions based on those.
100% process customization.
Improve user experience to reduce call center time response.

How does the process change when our technology is applied to WhatsApp Business?

Let’s give an example:

After initiating an online search, a lead lands on a website where there is the possibility of communicating with the company through WhatsApp.

At the moment in which a lead clics on the WhatsApp icon, Walmeric launches a dynamic message. At the same time, a conversion within the Walmeric platform is created, capturing the lead digital footprint.

When a lead writes a first message, Walmeric connects the conversion prior to the message and registers the lead with all the data associated to his/her digital print and his/her telephone number.

A commercial agent has a conversation with the lead via the call center messaging platform, or one provided by Walmeric. When the conversation ends, the commercial agent indicates the final details of the conversation had.

These final details, along with lead tracking details, are collected in a platform provided by Walmeric and distributed through marketing and analytics platforms.

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