How to extend the life of a lead thanks to omnichannel

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A lead is defined as “a person or company that has demonstrated interest in the brand’s offering by showing such interest through an additional request or by going to customer service points”.

As everything in life has a cycle, leads are no exception. They go through a process called “lead life cycle” that goes from their capture to the closing of the sale or lead nurturing. It is in this last stage where through omnichannel contacting we can nurture, as the word says, the lead and contact them again through WhatsApp, email, phone calls, etc.

Omnichannel vs. multichannel

As mentioned above, from a user contact point of view, there are two ways: omnichannel and multichannel.

Multichannel is the set of different channels used to impact a particular audience, for example, the target of a cheese brand would be mainly on television but if we add communications through social networks, internet, we have a multichannel contact with the audience.

Omnichannel, used in Global ROI Hub, places the customer at the center of all communications with the same message regardless of the channel or the point of contact with the brand.

Thanks to this approach you can perform various actions on the leads that did not convert in the first instance such as: WhatsApp messages, calls, emails with information of interest for the purchase, which will sooner or later end up being a safe sale.

“With this omnichannel way of contacting unconverted leads we ensure that the objective is always the same, i.e. to meet the user’s demand for information request, but also increase the likelihood of conversion to sale” explains Beatriz de Tena, GRH business manager

Advantages of omnichannel contact in lead nurturing

1. The user perceives that the information previously provided is taken into account to make a commercial proposal/quote, which considerably improves the customer experience.
2. We offer different ways of contact so that it is the user who chooses which one he prefers depending on his habits, his specific need or his current situation (for example, from his smartphone in the mountains).
3. We do not bother the user with emails, SMS, calls that do not fit what they have requested or their needs. The objective of each impact continues to be to provide information about the product/service in which you are interested, but expanding the way of contacting you.

If you want to learn more about GRH and omnichannel contact, contact us!

Originally published in our Global ROI Hub newsletter. 

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