How to improve customer experience with Artificial Intelligence

More and more companies are investing in AI for customer experience. What uses does artificial intelligence have? This offers multiple possibilities to improve the user experience. This technology makes it possible to optimize processes, personalize advertisements and better understand the consumer, among other things. Here we offer you some tips so that you can implement it in your company.

5 AI and customer experience tips

The first studies related to artificial intelligence (AI) appeared in the middle of the last century, but it is now that its true potential is beginning to be known. Its power is to analyze and manage data to offer customers an experience more tailored to their needs.

Virtual assistants or chatbots

You may have had a conversation with one of them at some point. Today there are many companies that are automating their customer care services through a virtual assistant. A chatbot is a tool that allows streamline interactions between the entity and consumers quickly and efficiently. In addition, it offers multiple benefits that improve the user experience: it reduces waiting times, provides instant responses and speeds up problem resolution.

Automation of marketing campaigns

Companies are increasingly aware of the power of marketing automation. To launch a message it is essential that the company knows the preferences of its consumers . With a reliable database and software, campaigns can be designed according to the needs and preferences of the population. Combining this tool with AI helps to be more effective.

Sentiment detection

Mood is critical to creating a personalized experience. The behavior of a user varies if he is happy or sad. Thus, some companies have been encouraged to use artificial intelligence to offer a closer treatment and according to the consumer’s emotions. Nowadays, through the analysis of conversations with Artificial Intelligence, specifically NLP, it is possible to identify the feelings of the users to adjust the offer.

Ads Personalization

Have you ever checked how an advertisement about something you recently thought about appears on your smartphone? Without meaning to, we are constantly sending information about our tastes. Thanks to AI, companies are able to get closer and closer to their potential customers and anticipate their needs. To manage this data on a large scale, machine learning is used, capable of analyzing and classifying a large amount of information.

Demand Prediction

Connecting supply or stock with sales is a great advantage in the era of digital commerce. Software based on artificial intelligence is capable of predicting in real time what demand will be in a specific period of time. In this way, stock breaks are avoided and available resources are optimized. The complexity of ecommerce on a large scale means that we need the support of technology to minimize risk and properly manage the supply chain.

Advantages of Lead Management

According to a Marketing Sherpa study, close to 80% of leads never end up for sale. This is where lead management or lead management comes in, a set of tools that help companies guide their potential buyers through of a funnel of sales. To achieve this, it is essential to have marketing automation tools to correctly handle this data.

With lead management techniques and the support of AI, we managed to capture data and then classify and segment them into different groups. To handle more than 50 leads it is necessary to have a software that centralizes the information to facilitate the task of the marketing department.

Lead to Revenue Management

Using L2RM or Lead to Revenue Management strategies implies obtaining more sales with less investment. The objective of this marketing technique is to guide the buyer from the origin of his need to the final purchase. In other words, with this strategy we make each sale cost less.

The initial phase of L2RM is to observe the environment and identify potential customers . Individualization is essential, so we will rely on artificial intelligence techniques to fully understand your personal tastes and preferences. In this way, we will provide an optimal assisted sales strategy through, for example, a chatbot. Many companies have improved their results thanks to the efficient management of your leads.

According to a SAS study almost 70% of consumers would pay more money to get a better service. Now that you know how to implement AI techniques in customer experience , why don’t you discover its advantages for yourself?

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