How to improve customer support and assisted sales during Christmas

The Christmas period entails a high volume of sales, sometimes going beyond salespeople’s limits. What happen with customer support during Christmas? Some companies, not being able to claim appropriate service, decide to interrupt their customer support and assisted sales service, according to E-commerce News.

Discovering the best way to assist customers without reducing service quality is relevant to any company with an assisted sales service. Where to start?

Improve service with automation

Generate exponential value to your business applying a suitable segmentation strategy and automation system.

Detect your potential clients, segment campaigns and automate actions in the ideal moment to favour conversion.

In this way, you will optimize your resources and commercial agents’ time to the fullest.

Automate actions according to their digital footprint; open a chat window in specific sales stages or offer them a telephone number to get in touch with your commercial agents in case of difficulties within the process.

By automating actions you will be able to optimize your commercial agents’ available time to the fullest  and define ideal impacts according to each individual situation.

Optimize your sales resources

Showing diverse contact means to your customers, automatically and in specific moments within the sales process, you are optimizing resources and, at the same time, having a more efficient manner with your leads and clients.

In this way, your commercial agents will not invest time in assisting leads that could have been sent to a different contact point or solved through a more appropriate medium and, perhaps, in a more appropriate moment.

An example would be: a lead downloads a new car model brochure. A commercial agent receives a notification and books a slot in the agenda to get in touch with that lead.

What about if we automate that process? A lead downloads the brochure and by means of a Lead Nurturing strategy, a call between the first available commercial agent and that lead is automatically generated, having waited the necessary time to let the lead take a look at the brochure.

What is the difference? the call is launched when the lead is hot, which means that there is yet a high interest in the product, and time related to organization and commercial agent intervention is reduced.

Take the chance

In the digital era, when there are moments with high traffic volume is when customer service should be a priority meaning, at the same time, the perfect opportunity to differentiate from your competitors with proactive assistance to your leads and customers.

In Walmeric we are experts in automated solutions within the assisted sales sector. Get in touch with us and discover the solution that better adapts to your business needs.

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