How to increase sales with lead to agent intelligent allocation?

Artificial Intelligence is every day more and more present in companies, helping to optimize resources and develop more efficient processes, which translates in better results. However, while a 72 % business leaders understand AI as an advantage, just a 15 % of companies are implementing those solutions in their strategies.

New times require new solutions. Can you imagine automating a 40% of the time spent in sales? And assign each lead to the most appropriate commercial agent to close the sale?

Optimize resources and improve processes with AI

Taking into account that everyone who get in touch with us is interested in our products or services, it is time to ask ourselves: how can we increase their interest to assure the sale?

Put the focus on understanding which variables could increase our leads purchase intention: how can we find the best way to persuade them to purchase?

The better the assistance received by leads is and the better the commercial agent would be able to understand their interests and adapt to their needs, the better the sales result would be.

Match 360: Unifyig leads’ clusters with commercial agents performance

The AI solution Match 360 allows to analyze each lead’s profile with the objective of creating diverse clusters or segments, according to common characteristics. In this way, identifying trends would be easier.

Furthermore, it permits to study commercial agents results to comprehend how the sales process develops for each of them; calls’ duration, closed sales number, etc.

The value of Match 360 lies in the merger of both analysis: leads and agents. By means of AI we can merge all data and comprehend which commercial agents have higher probabilities of converting into sale each individual lead.

Due to the accuracy of these analysis, it is possible to predict each commercial agent conversion probability according to the day of the week.

Practical case: how does it work?

Let’s say that a lead is interested in hiring a new mobile plan. They clic on an add with an special promotion that leads to a landing page. There, they find a contact form, they fill in the form and wait to be contacted.

In that moment all navigation data and leads details are gathered and they are assigned to an specific cluster.

This AI model studies, according to the day of the week and the cluster they belong to, which available agent has higher conversion probability for that specific lead.

Benefits of implementing Match 360 within a sales strategy

Send each lead to that commercial agent with higher conversion probability, it achieves an increase in sales by optimizing resources (sales force) and makes and efficient use of marketing and sales processes within the company.

But, which specific benefits does it provide?

1. To optimize sales resources by guiding leads to their optimal conversion point.

2. To avoid leads loss by receiving assistance by commercial agents who do not respond to the required level of assistance that each individual case require.

3. To obtain an increase in sales over a 20%.

4. To improve user experience by guiding each lead to that commercial agente who better assistance can offer according to their individual situation.

5. To meet the effect of results thanks to the possibility of temporarily deactivating Match 360.

AI solutions such as Match 360 permit to detect those variables that, within the sales process, persuade leads to not continue with the sale. In this way, the process becomes more natural, both for the lead and the commercial agent, achieving better results.

And you, do you apply Artificial Intelligence and benefit from it within your sales precesses?

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