How to increase sales with performance marketing

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Performance marketing is the one in which you pay only for the results obtained in the digital channel. Nowadays, more and more companies are opting for this type of marketing, since results are guaranteed in one way or another.

For this strategy to work, you must have very clear objectives, that is, the response you are looking for from the target audience, whether it is a like, a registration, a download, an appointment or a sale.

Once this response is obtained, all the results are collected and analyzed through a tracking system, which will allow us to check the performance of each of the actions and their corresponding metrics. Among the important performance marketing indexes we can highlight the CPC, CPL and CPA.

What are the advantages of performance marketing?

1. ROI can be easily measured through tracking by means of cookies and pixels that will allow you to know exactly what each user does on a landing page or web page.
2. It raises conversion-based objectives that will allow to know the benefit of the entire digital marketing strategy.
3. It offers the possibility to constantly optimize campaigns thanks to continuous measurement, resulting in brand improvement.
4. Estimated costs can be obtained if the campaign budget is invested knowing the previous results.
5. Efficiently distribute the budget allocated to online advertising.
6. Possibility to take advantage of various channels such as email marketing, landing pages, social networks, among others.

How to implement performance marketing to sell more?

The first step of any successful campaign is to know the objective, which is why all departments must coordinate and work towards this goal. It can be a reduction in CPC, increase in clicks, etc.

The second step would be to know which metrics must be analyzed and followed in order to achieve the proposed objective. For example, if the important thing is to increase the conversion to sales, a realistic percentage should be assigned for a certain period of time.

After having the base defined, we will select the channels on which we will focus and on which the investment of the campaign will be allocated.

At GRH we implement technology as a plus for all this process that allows us to improve sales and marketing results through the optimization and integral, automated, intelligent and transparent management of data, all in a pay per acquisition (CPA) model where you only pay for results achieved.

Last but not least, we must pay special attention to the constant measurement of the results obtained. At Global ROI Hub we rely on technology to measure results in real time and thus optimize the campaign and reach the sales target in a satisfactory way.

Do you want to increase your sales with a performance marketing strategy? Contact us!

Originally published in our Global ROI Hub newsletter. (Only available in Spanish).

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