How to increase your sales?: L2RM success stories

Implementing a Lead to Revenue Management, o L2RM, strategy within sales and marketing processes has helped numerous companies around the world to optimize their procedures, increase conversion rates and improve user experience.

Vodafone, leading telecoms company, and Verti, online mentor within the insurance industry, joined Walmeric a few years ago with the goal of obtaining higher visibility on their offline sales’ online origin and improve their leads treatment.

Vodafone achieved a conversion growth over 2% and Verti increased the number of insurance services sold, between 5% and 10%.

Would you like to know how they achieved it?


Vodafone success story

Manuel Rodríguez, Digital Marketing Manager, and José Hernández, Digital eCommerce CRO Specialist at Vodafone, talk about the challenges they face to achieve a conversion growth and optimize their sales processes within digital acquisition and assisted sales environments.

  1. Who are Manuel Rodríguez and José Hernández?
  2. Which are the sales challenges Vodafone faces within digital acquisition enviroments?
  3. New Lead to Revenue Management model: which are its benefits?
  4. Which partner assists Vodafone in terms of innovation?
  5. What has the adoption of Walmeric’s technology entailed for Vodafone? How has Walmeric helped Vodafone?


Verti success story

Juan Pablo Galán, Business Director at Verti, talks about the progresses within the insurance industry and the challenges they face in the digital sphere: data, machine learning, robotization and AI.

  1. Who is Juan Pablo Galán?
  2. Which acquisition challenges are you facing?
  3. Channel chat: which are the benefits?
  4. Which are the trends within the industry?
  5. How has Walmeric helped Verti ?

Do you want to get more visibility on your conversions and improve your results thanks to the efficient management of your leads? Discover the benefits of applying Lead to Revenue Management in your marketing and sales strategy.

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