How to know if my leads are ready for purchase and how to take advantage of it

You have devoted a lot of efforts to the perfect sales strategy, you have defined appropriate actions to have an impact on your leads and favor their conversion. But, do you know which is the ideal moment to do it?

In every sales strategy, ‘when’ becomes key to achieve your goals and maximize results. Without any doubt, the effectiveness of any strategy varies depending on the moment in which it is developed.

It is important to define good acquisition and conversion actions, but also to take into account the specific moment in which your leads are ready to receive those impacts.

Each lead moves forward within the funnel at their rate. Some mature quicker with very few impacts, others remain for a longer time in the funnel but, eventually, abandon it and others take less time to convert.

So, when is the ideal moment?

In every sales process, each ‘ideal moment’ depends on the level of interest of each lead, that is, their purchase intention.

It is relevant to take into account that our leads interest in a product or service varies. Their purchase intention changes throughout the whole process. This is why, all impacts should be aligned with the probability each lead has to convert in each specific moment.

How to know when that “ideal moment” has arrived?: Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring helps you to comprehend the interest of each of your leads, to predict the probability of conversion of each of them individually, to know the ideal moment to impact them and favor purchase.

How does it do it? Taking into account every action accomplished by a lead in our website: they clicked in a link, they started a purchase process, they filled in a form to be contacted, etc.

Through the gathering of a series of labels regarding navigation and user details, Lead Scoring helps with identifyng leads with high conversion probabilities.

The goal? Defining and designing actions in the ideal moment to favor their conversion before their interest cools. By determining a score to each lead, meaning, a conversion probability, their prioritization for sales treatment becomes easier.

Moreover, it is possible to adjust certain actions to each specific lead regarding the interest they have in each specific moment.

What benefits the adoption of Lead Scoring for conversion?

To comprehend each lead conversion probability allows you to design and develop actions individually:

Personalize the site: adapt our website to their needs or interests.

Adapt conversion elements: impact each lead with the element that has a higher probability to favor their conversion: chat, telephone, contact form, etc.

Segment audiences: comprehend the conversion probability of groups defined by common characteristics to develop more accurate actions.

Define retargeting activities: to know when and how you should impact again those leads that abandoned the sales funnel, in case it has been considered appropriate, to incorporate them to the sales process once again.

Prioritize leads: allocate impacts and actions to each lead according to their conversion probability to treat them as organized as possible, avoiding their loss of interest.

Take advantage of all resources: allocate the best resources and greatest efforts to the conversion of those leads with higher conversion probability.

Do you want to optimize your strategies adjusting times and actions to your leads interests and needs? Walmeric’s Lead Scoring will help you to accomplish your goals.

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