Optimize marketing and sales strategies with AI

Artificial Intelligence has been a turning point when making decisions for business strategies, resulting in a reduction of uncertainty in marketing and sales leaders.

On the 29th of October, the newspaper La Publicidad gathered a group of Artificial Intelligence professionals in the first Foro IA (#ForoIA) to discuss the latest industry trends.

Talks and round tables revolved around the use of Artificial Intelligence and its applied value to sales, marketing, communication, and advertising.

The exponential growth of usable data

Without a doubt, one of the most notorious topics during the talks was the exponential growth of consumer data accessible to companies. In the words of Federico Heinen, Product and Innovation Director at Walmeric, “in 2020 there will be 40 times more bytes of data than stars in the observable universe”.

Federico promotes an Artificial Intelligence that means a competitive advantage to any company: “Every AI model is interesting, but its practical application is what supports the whole ecosystem”.

The complexity and velocity with which everything happens make the use of Artificial Intelligence in any business strategy necessary. AI permits us to reach a higher level of knowledge of every user who lands on our website.

The reality is that human beings are creating a lot of online information. However, it is important to take into account that not all data comes from that environment.

Federico Heinen, Product and Innovation Director at Walmeric, in Foro IA


How to get the most out of that data?

Using Artificial Intelligence for the mere fact of using it would be an academic research. But, when it is extrapolated to the real world when it permits us to dispel problems within the data analysis procedure in the online-offline connection, the process of completing the customer journey comes to an end.

Its application generates a better-informed use, an increase in conversion, and the creation of a lot of new job opportunities; AI has come to boost human intelligence, not to substitute it.

In the words of Federico, “Artificial Intelligence permits us to process data, optimize marketing activities, foresee behaviors and potential clients’ necessities and establish leads’ probability of conversion based on historic data, allowing us to adjust our teams and their answers to each individual lead necessity”.

When a user is happy, conversion comes by itself. These are the results that generate a proper AI model or strategy in marketing and sales.


Which AI strategies boost the exploitation of data?

Four real-world applications of Artificial Intelligence optimize data mining:

  • Lead Scoring: When a user lands in a website and we are able to collect all actions they carry on during their visit, Artificial Intelligence permits us to establish their individual scoring. But, who do I send it to?, which conversion channel do I show them? The scoring assigned to each lead permits to generate business rules, facilitating the management of finite resources.


  • Match 360º: Once scoring has been assigned, who should deal with that user?, how should commercial agents take care of them? Match 360º combines lead scoring with the probability each agent has to close the sale; taking into account which cluster or users’ group each lead belongs to. It generates a better conversion by matching each lead’s probability of conversion to the probability each commercial agent has to close that specific sale.


  • Conversational Labeled: To have the capability of knowing if a lead was in a good mood, if the agent used proper words, if the topics and call duration were ideal, etc, gives you a highly valuable competitive advantage. Everything related to interpret a conversation entails a very important asset for companies to understand how interpersonal relationships work.


AI can be used for interactions between a human being and a machine, but it can also be used between one human being and another human being to enrich the conversation


  • Audience Creator: Once information about the lead journey has been obtained, it is possible to generate user profiles, clusters or potential clients groups to adjust the website in real time or lauch campaigs even more intelligent. New users are related to each of these user groups to enrich their experience and promote conversion.


Federico Heinen, Product and Innovation Director at Walmeric, in Foro IA


This combination of strategies is a complete view of an ecosystem nurtured with Artificial Intelligence that matches the creation of traffic with the generation of conversions.

This integrated ecosystem entails the creation of the new Walmeric’s AI platform for assisted saleswiseS, you don’t know it yet?

WiseS permits to obtain quicker and better results, reduces the time invested, and optimizes investment, allocating the use of resources to more valuable matters. What are you waiting for?

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