How to pay success by result in an End to End sales model

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You have probably read or heard a lot about the End to End model, as it allows companies to outsource their business processes to expert companies, receiving only net sales. Today we will explain what it is and what benefits it has for your company.

We live in a world in which it is necessary to seek the coexistence of the online and offline world in order to drive the user to the end of the funnel. In this case an End to End sales model is quite useful because basically with it you can know and track the entire customer journey of the user from the moment he sees the product until he decides to buy or hire. Easy, isn’t it? Not so easy if we take into account that a user makes an average of 6 queries through different devices before initiating a sales process, contacts through various channels and does so at different times.

How to implement an End to End sales strategy?

The main thing that should be emphasized at this point is that in order to optimally apply this model all departments of the company must be coordinated, this will allow that there is no leakage of leads and seek the same goal: to sell more.

Once this solid foundation is in place, the model can begin to be implemented according to its phases, which would be:

1. Generate traffic to the web site.
2. Conversion to leads.
3. Lead nurturing.

What the model will finally do is to store and structure the information collected to be used in our favor by relying on technology, thus promoting intelligent decision making that will drive sales.

What are the advantages of the End to End model?

Integrated, simple and unique coordination, avoiding silos and loss of information.
Simplicity in billing and related processes such as remuneration systems working with a single metric: CPL or CPA.
Team and resources focused on meeting sales objectives.
Unique access to automated dashboards where you will find all the information.
Transparency, traceability, tracking and capture.
Integral and complete control over the sales channel.
Ownership of generated activates and “displacement” of distributors, resellers, aggregators to lower positions in Google and commitment not to appear above the main domain.
Technology for bid control.

Global ROI Hub is the incremental sales model we are implementing in large companies that mixes the best of each world. On the one hand the End to End model delivering sales, and on the other hand the technology that helps to get business insights. Together we will drive the sales of the organization and allow you to take your sales to another level.

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Originally published in our Global ROI Hub newsletter. (Only available in Spanish)

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