How to sell more with a lead scoring strategy?

Diana que representa el lead scoring, acertar con los usuarios

Did you know that the use of lead scoring means a 77% increase in ROI? (Marketing Sherpa) Nowadays one of the main objectives of brands is to sell more and this is where the question arises of how we can increase sales and what strategies we should apply to make this happen.

Maybe you have heard about lead scoring but you are not clear about its benefits or why applying it can increase sales. To start looking into this topic, the ideal is to go from the most macro to the most specific.

What is a lead?

They are all those users who have shown interest in the product or service, either by asking for information, browsing the website, downloading an ebook or subscribing to receive some material in return.

This is where the importance of lead scoring comes in: having such a large universe of potential customers, the ideal would be to classify them according to the degree of interest they have, or better said, to qualify them.

What is lead scoring?

Many experts consider it as a way to “measure the temperature of a lead”, this will help them to know in which phase this possible client is in a purchase process. This is why they are classified as hot/high leads or low/cold leads.

For example:

  • A cold lead would be one that has no intention of making a purchase. It is in an early stage gathering information and has not yet made a purchase decision.
  • A hot lead would be the one who has the intention to make a purchase, has visited the website several times (yours and your competitors’), has left his or her data in a form, etc.

In these cases it is good to discriminate which actions you want to perform with each type of lead. A lead that is interested in buying will not respond in the same way as one that is not, since its maturity is not the same and it needs a different approach and treatment.

Basically, lead scoring consists of classifying leads based on a score according to different criteria. With this we can identify the users who are most interested at the right time to contact them.

To perform this scoring we rely on Artificial Intelligence that will do it automatically. In this way the agents will not have to dedicate themselves to evaluate each lead and assign it a qualification, but the AI itself will pass the leads to the agents based on this evaluation.

Why qualify leads? 

Can you imagine a pile of data in Excel without sorting them by rows, columns, sheets, etc.? It would be difficult to find the information we are looking for, let alone draw valuable conclusions.

The same thing happens with leads: each lead requires treatment according to its stage of maturity. We will have to cultivate it, nurture it and provide it with the necessary information according to its place in the sales funnel. This will allow us to dedicate the necessary efforts to each phase, to optimize the sales team by taking care of mature leads and to obtain clear information on what needs to happen for a customer to buy from us.

What are the advantages of lead scoring?

  • Optimization of marketing and sales department resources.
  • More information about the lead and its preferences.
  • More effective and personalized messages
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