How to sell more with Call Tracking

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We currently live in an increasingly challenging and competitive business ecosystem, which is why it is key to use tools that allow us to measure results and optimize sales, such as Call Tracking.

Call Tracking is a technology that assigns a different number to each user who visits the web, and when they call, the system detects their origin. It helps us to quantify the impact of campaigns in which leads are converted to sales through an assisted sales channel, either through a phone call or a physical visit to a point of sale.

Call Tracking is an essential part of the business model we have developed at Walmeric, it allows us to connect the online and offline world, thus optimizing sales and being very efficient in improving the Conversion Rate,” said Beatriz de Tena, business director of Global ROI Hub.

Thanks to this tool, the sales strategy will benefit from the analysis of data such as: number of visits, navigation time, origin of the lead, number of calls and conversions per click, where they call from, which search terms generate more leads, among others.

What are the advantages of Call tracking?

1. Collection of the digital fingerprint of each lead by assigning numbers that allow identification at the click level.
Once the service has been completed, the details and closure of the call are recorded.
Possibility of uploading such closing information to marketing and analytics platforms.
360º visibility and attribution
thanks to the union of lead footprint and marketing platform data.

What are you waiting for to boost your sales? Thanks to this technology you will be able to maximize your results, contact us!

Originally published in our Global ROI Hub newsletter. 

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