How to use WhatsApp Business to boost your sales

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications and communication platforms and is also the second largest social network in the world. According to the latest data it has approximately 2.5 billion users and, in order to support companies, WhatsApp Business was created. This is a tool that facilitates direct communication with consumers.

How WhatsApp Business helps your business

We are currently in a hyper-connected world where consumers are looking for a personalized connection/attention to feel important and have access to information immediately. According to Hubspot, 9 out of 10 buyers say they would prefer to use contact means such as instant messaging to establish a dialogue with the company. This is why several organizations have already implemented forms of 24/7 contact through different channels: chatbot, callbot, after-hours service…

Advantages of WhatsApp Business for your company

  1. Total traceability, knowing the origin of the visit and being able to follow up as another channel of attention and sale.
  2. It generates more trust with the user since everything that is discussed is in writing and this means a backup on everything agreed.
  3. 24/7 availability for the user to contact the company.
  4. Reduction of commercial and customer service costs thanks to the segmentation that can be done by implementing a chatbot which will derive commercial attention or sales depending on the user’s requests.
  5. Increased contact methods by adapting to the different buyer personas, their usage and consumption habits and facilitating direct and orderly interaction.

How to implement WhatsApp Business in an incremental sales model

It’s easy. In our incremental sales lab, Global ROI Hub, we bring together the best of the performance world with the best of technology to increase the company’s sales x3. It is in this last pillar where the magic happens related to WhatsApp Business.

By applying Walmeric technology, we can allow different agents to resume the conversation initiated through WhatsApp so that the customer always has a personalized attention; in addition, a chatbot can be implemented that, depending on what the customer responds, will refer him or not to commercial attention. All of the above translates into benefits for the company.

If you want to learn about the Global ROI Hub incremental sales model and how it will increase your sales click here.

Originally published in our Global ROI Hub (GRH) Newsletter.

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