II Artificial Intelligence Forum 2022

On January 25th we were in Callao City Lights (Madrid) in the II Artificial Intelligence Forum organized by the newspaper LaPublicidAD. José López, AI Manager at Walmeric, participated in the event to explain how Artificial Intelligence can help companies increase their sales.

Prior to the event, we were able to share our opinion in an interview with LaPublicidAD Newspaper in which we talked about the role of AI today. You can read it by clicking here

How Artificial Intelligence can help you increase your sales

During his presentation, José López explained that AI can be applied in many areas, such as the world of marketing and sales. At Walmeric, we use AI in four phases of the sales funnel:


  • Tracking. The digital footprint of the lead source is collected and end-to-end tracking is done from online to offline.
  • Qualification. Lead management is prioritized based on the probability of conversion and routed to the most optimal sales channel.
  • Conversion. Automated campaign and audience optimization; efficient distribution of calls from prospects to sales agents; nurturing to return leads to the conversion funnel.
  • Attribution. Full integration of the digital ecosystem; online and offline attribution united.


In addition, our AI Manager explained to the audience four functionalities based on Artificial Intelligence: lead scoring, Match 360, Conversational Labeling and Audience Creator.

Want to know more about AI and how we apply it at Walmeric? Contact us!


Did you miss the event? You can watch it by clicking here.


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