The importance of lead tracking

Lead tracking focuses on discovering where leads come from and what they are interested in, even before establishing contact with them. Therefore, the use of information obtained from lead tracking permits to contextualize sales, increasing the probability of conversion.

After a sale has been finalized, the fact of unifying online tracking with information obtained in a call, allows to complete the knowledge about conversions, better understanding ROI.

Tracking allocated to personalization

Key elements of this process are automation and personalization. Managing leads on a automated way enables to optimize processes, as much from management as from contact. Consequently, processing actions assigned to leads on a personalized way, according to individual leads needs, enables to get a positive closing sale.

However, it is quite difficult to adjust sales speech to each lead’s needs without taking into account the tracking associated to them. For that reason, it is important to keep in mind that the more accessible information is, the less difficult is to personalize sales speech, increasing the probability of conversion.

Discover your attribution model

Once the telephone contact among lead and agent has been established, uploading call information to marketing and analytics platforms becomes essential. This allows to know each lead conversion and to match the data obtained in marketing platforms to what has already been stored, getting better visibility about the attribution model.

Walmeric Call Tracking

Walmeric tools ‘Ringpool’ and ‘Call Me Back’ allow to gather, in our platform Delio, each lead online tracking. Afterwards, unify information about conversions and sale phone calls, is possible.

What is Ringpool? It is a product that offers dynamic phone numbers assignation. That is to assign a different telephone number to each user that access to a website o landing page and with it, defines a unique lead ID that enables to collect all tracking associated with each lead in form of labels.

What is Call Me Back? It is a product that allows, through a contact form, leads to request information or to be contacted. In this way, it is possible to direct calls among leads and agents through an automated process. Like this, Call Me Back forms permit to asign an unique ID to each lead, obtening the whole lead tracking.

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