Improve leads experience by using dynamic click to call

Every company has a clear goal, to offer their leads the optimal experience to get a competitive advantage. The only way to achieve it is to treat each lead as unique, personalizing and contextualizing the sales speech according to what they expect.

Therefore, a key factor to take into account is to discover what has incited a lead to get in touch with the commercial department. Being able to see the path a lead has followed, from their origin to their conversion, is essential in order to optimize marketing and sales processes.

Dynamic click to call can help you to treat each of your leads as unique. It means that each one of them, when visiting the same website at the same time, have access to different inbound telephone numbers.

Assigning a different telephone number to each lead makes possible to get the previous tracking to send it to the commercial force with the idea of improvinf user experience. 

Accessing to lead information prior to the call is a great advantage for a commercial agent. This allows them to contextualize and personalize sales speeches, leading to a favourable closing sale.

Tracking 360º

The possibility of gathering and analysing leads and clients information is an indisputable benefit for any assisted sales company, something very hard to find in the market nowadays.

The fact of gathering all leads information, from the first moment they get to your website, allows you to optimize marketing processes and sales techniques.

Walmeric dynamic click to call allows you to store leads information, from their online search in Google to the conversation had with a commercial agent.

It gathers information about their origin, behaviour in your website, the conversation had with commercial agents, the product or service they acquired and all relevant information for the development of your company.

Moreover, all information is gathered and shown in forms of dashbords in order to make easier to analyse it and deduce conclusions. This allows the marketing department to design more efficient campaigns with an optimal segmentation, which will offer higher leads quality to the sales department.

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