Improve your sales with Facebook Offline Conversions

That the improvement of sales is preceded by measurement and analysis, is something that nobody questions. If you still claim that “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is that I don’t know which half ”as the North American merchant J. Wanamaker would say, it is about time for you to know the Facebook Offline Conversions.

Technology has evolved and today you can know the impact of your digital advertising on the online and offline actions of your users. Furthermore, you can find out what content and channels drive your short-term sales and brand growth in the medium-long term or automatically optimize all of the above.

Why and for whom?

Surely you already measure impressions, clicks, web events, conversions and countless indicators, but 7 out of 10 professionals affirm that they continue to have difficulties with measurement through different digital and offline channels, according to the study Getting Media Right: Marketing in Motion carried out by Kantar .

Internet penetration increases and last year alone it grew by 298 million new potential online buyers worldwide. On the other hand, did you know that almost half of the world’s population uses social networks and that Facebook is the most widespread? Currently, it has 2,449 million monthly active users, according to Digital 2020 Global Digital Overview.


Benefits of using Facebook Offline Conversions

Knowing its reach and the time that users spend on it, you may wonder the benefits of uploading and crossing your offline conversions data (CRM, Call Center, point of sale terminals …) with Facebook Ads, to track of your offline events, such as in-store purchases, phone bookings, and qualified leads, which are not tracked by the Pixel or the Facebook SDK.

Well, offline Facebook Offline Conversions help business to:

Measure and directly connect your ads with your campaign results. Whether it is a sale in a store or a reservation over the phone, you can measure, know the return on your investment (ROI) and adjust your campaigns based on real metrics.

Optimize your campaigns based on the results of your offline conversions. In this way, you will be able to make better investment decisions and even automatically optimize for offline conversions goal.

Set-up and launch upselling or crosselling campaigns for your clients with Custom Audiences.

Improve your retargeting campaigns by being able to negativize all your converted leads.

Creation of new target audiences with a similar profile to your buyers, through Lookalike Audiences and therefore they will be more likely to convert so you will improve your conversion rates and costs.

How to connect your offline data with Facebook

There are several options to upload your offline events data to Facebook: you can set it up through the offline event manager, use the Facebook Offline Conversions API or use a Facebook partner.

From the social network they recommend including as much information as possible about each transaction: customer information, event time or event details such as order identifiers and number of articles, so that the reports generated are accurate.

Once the data was uploaded, assigned and verified, the social network will match the data of the offline conversations with the reports of its campaigns, establishing coincidences and identifying which buyers were impacted by the campaigns before converting offline. Voilá, you can already start improving your investments.

Walmeric has been recognized as a Facebook Marketing Partner which means that our company has access to advanced training on tools, products and best practices as well as benefits specifically designed to drive performance that can directly impact your advertising goals within Facebook and its applications.


At Walmeric we have experience in the automated uploading of offline conversions to our clients’ Adtech and Martech platforms. Ask us without obligation!

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