Increase your sales: How to optimize resources with AI-powered solutions?

In a month, Walmeric will participate in AIshow as Silver Sponsor. And you will be asking yourself: which ideas could I obtain from Irene Medina, Head of Marketing at Walmeric, presentation? How could I improve my business development?

The presentation Irene will offer in AIshow, “How AI can help you to improve your sales: Lead Scoring, Match 360º, and Conversational labeling, will help you to understand why it is so important to apply Artificial Intelligence to your business.

Moreover, you will learn the benefits of these three AI-powered solutions and will be able to understand the value that, putting together the three of them, is originated to your business process.

And, just in case there is any doubt: of course you can use them separately. However, the value the three of them can offer to your business together is exponential.


AI-powered solutions

  • Lead Scoring: prioritize your leads according to their value and/or probability of conversion to sale. The aim is to prioritize calls and send them to their ideal conversion point. 
  • Match 360º: connect each lead with the specific commercial agent or call center that has higher possibilities of delivering an ideal treatment to your leads in order to obtain a positive closing sale. 
  • Conversational Labeling: allows to obtain each lead’s profile, their purchase purposes, how they feel about the offer received, etc. The idea is to adapt the treatment to each individual lead situation with the aim of obtaining your business goals.


How do we create more value from their union?

Knowing the value each of these solutions has, how do they behave together? Let’s take a look at the Lead to Revenue Management process powered with AI:

Lead land on a website to request information about Lead Scoring solutions. At that moment, Lead Scoring obtains a series of labels, gathered according to certain business goals, and assigns a conversion probability to that specific lead.

If we take into account that a considerable volume of leads will request to be contacted at the same time, this tool will organize them in a way that the ones with higher conversion probability will be looked after first.

Lead Scoring functioning with labels and conversion probability

Once a conversion percentage has been assigned to the lead, Match 360 will connect them with the sales agent who has a higher probability of doing the best treatment to that individual case.

According to that lead individual situation, they will be sent to their ideal conversion point, optimizing your processes and promoting a favorable and positive closing sale.

Match 360 functioning among leads and commercial agents

Instants prior to the answering of the call, the commercial agent will get all the necessary information about a lead, therefore they can adapt the treatment given to leads to their specific situation. For example leads’ mood, where they come from if it is the first time they call, etc.

When the call has been finalized, the information gathered from the conversation can be used to nurture segmentation strategies and, therefore, design and launch more effective and personalized actions, obtaining better conversion results.

Calls' Conversational Labeled functioning with leads

The value of unifying these three AI-powered solutions in the same sales process is patent.

If you wish to amplify information about each of our solutions, we invite you to visit our last blog posts: Lead ScoringMatch 360º and Conversational Labeling.

In Walmeric, we design and create technological solutions adapted to unpredictable market needs, because  “if a client does not win, we do not win”. We are very proud of seeing our clients grow, as we grow along with them.

Come, to learn about the value of unifying AI-powered solutions, to AIshow, “the Smart AI revolution for business”, on the 29th y 30th October in IFEMA, Madrid.

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