“It is important that technology supports and optimizes all processes so that the model is 100% customer centric”, José Luis Júlvez.

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Today we live in a hyperconnected world, where users are more informed than ever and technology is the basis of all growth models. In pursuit of this, Walmeric created an incremental sales laboratory called Global ROI Hub. This model combines the best of the world of performance and technology, which results in a x3 increase in sales.

On this occasion we interviewed José Luis Júlvez, Business Unit Director, who tells us first-hand how technology is able to know where to invest every euro and improve conversions in digital sales processes.

What role does technology play in the Global ROI Hub sales-to-success model?

Technology is the fundamental pillar on which our sales strategy is based, because of all the information it generates and the ability to optimize campaigns at the highest possible granularity. All this information, together with the experience in media buying that we have in the company allows us to correctly apply these optimizations, constantly improve sales ratios and provide our client with valuable information that they apply to the rest of the digital campaigns.

No hay texto alternativo para esta imagenCould you tell us a little more about how technology optimizes sales?

Nowadays, we cannot conceive of optimizing digital campaigns without 100% traceability, as Walmeric does. This traceability is not only applied to purely digital channels, but also to offline contact forms (called Inbound), where 100% traceability is impossible without our technology.

The main benefits are based on the complete information of the interactions that occur throughout the conversion funnel, allowing real-time decision making, optimizing the purchase of media, making efficient lead management strategies and consequently improving sales ratios, always with two key objectives: Increased sales and improved CPA.

Currently it is important that technology supports and optimizes all processes so that the model is 100% customer centric and also leads to increased sales.

What does it mean that this is a customer centric model?

The customer is always at the center of any marketing strategy. With our sales model we can quickly identify which of all users is the most interesting for that campaign and design strategies to improve their commercial experience with our customer, achieving higher sales ratios, higher ARPU and even a better Lifetime Value than the average of the digital channel.

The analysis of the data collected by type of customer, acquisition channel, product interest, commercial channel, etc… will give us the keys to make a “tailor-made suit” for each sales opportunity.

Once the model has completed a cycle, how do you take advantage of the leads that have not converted?

In any sales campaign, most of the leads generated do not end up in a sale for different reasons, which does not mean that they were not interested in buying our product. Thanks to our technology, we can create omnichannel contact strategies to raise the customer’s interest in our products to generate a new commercial interaction without having to invest again in new customers.

Parameters such as the selected offer, time of contact, assigned agent or chosen contact channel may cause this lead not to end up in a sale in a first approach. For this reason, we always try to modify some of these parameters and adapt the messages in the Nurturing actions, achieving high response rates and sales without investing in media.

From the operations and technology side, what are the goals for the next 2023?

To continue to grow in clients and to continue improving their results day by day. Our commitment with our client is as a “business partner” providing value, knowledge and results. The satisfaction of our customers is very high, that is why they count on us in new markets, product launches or growth in the most traditional and mature markets.

At Walmeric, we always innovate in technological and business solutions that help achieve the business goals set with innovation and nonconformity as our calling card.

Originally published in our Global ROI Hub newsletter.

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