L2RM: how to increase sales between Black Friday and Christmas

The most intense period for the sales industry has arrived: we are talking about Black Friday, Black Week, Cyber Monday and Christmas. Everyone is ready to face it; from B2C companies and Call Centers to marketing agencies.

This period is, along with sales, the most important and competitive for all brands around the world. The pressure for obtaining results increases, even more if we take into account that this year there are just 26 days between both dates.

Online searches focused on sales mean a 53% out of the total of online searches during sales and Christmas campaigns, primarly in mobile phones. It is also in these devices where an increase in reviews’ search by a 40% has been registered, according a Google research .

According to the same research, this year Black Friday could generate a revenue of 1.600 millon in sales. Being the telecommunications industry the one that would have a higher turnover, with an average of 183€ per person, according to the media agency PHD.

In this occasion, marketing and sales efforts will intensify and will have to organize every action cautiously due to the reduction in days between Black Friday and Christmas. We have gone from the 32 days in 2018 to have 26 in 2019.

How to take the most out of those 26 days

As it has always been, resources optimization, efficient lead management and conversion increase of each of our clients is a priority for Walmeric, primarly in strong sales’ peaks.

How to get it? There are a lot of possible options. However, we are going to share with you 4 essential aspects that every marketing and sales strategy should take into account:

Visibility: moments with higher turnout are the perfect opportunity to invest in visibility.

In these periods is when you will have higher chances of increasing leads’ acquisition volume and boosting customers’ loyalty. Take advantage of this period to get a good position and increase your value in the market.

Personalization: during sales periods such as Black Friday and Christmas, it is likely that your users find several options similar to the one you offer them.

How to balance the situation in your favor? Understand what they are looking for and personalize your actions and messages according to their needs and interests. Reinforce your value to become the first option in their sale’s decision.

Omnichannel: one of the reasons that promote customers to acquire certain products or services are the different channels that companies offer them to purchase; each of those sales’ channels adapt to each of their customers’ needs.

Therefore, it is very relevant for companies to offer their customers a variety of sales’ channels to let them choose the one that offers added value to their customer experience.

Some of them will prefer to buy online. However, it is likely that some others prefer personal assistance through a phone call or chat conversation.

Retargeting: the period between Black Friday and Christmas is a perfect chance for companies to launch retargeting campaigns.

Make discounts or promotions on your products or services accessible to your leads and take advantage to carry out up-selling and cross-selling strategies with your current customers. A Lead Nurturing strategy will enrich your sales and offer added value to your leads and clients.

Take advantage of the growth opportunity within these periods with higher turnout in sales, such as Black Friday and Christmas. Organize and prepared each of the activities you will develop and make use of the proper strategies to face complexity and intensity during the following 26 days.

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