L2RM, much more than Call Tracking [Whitepaper]

In the last few years, the volume of calls originated by marketing actions has increased by 86% and it has been discovered that leads with a telephone origin convert a 30% quicker than web leads.

The truth is that knowing the our conversions online-offline tracking now is more important than ever because it provides us visibility on sales results and facilitates investment redistribution to that that better works.

But, with L2RM you can go beyond that. Did you know that…

…Lead Scoring boosts a ROI increment in leads generation by 77%?

…if you connect each lead with their appropriate commercial agent according to their specific situation it has 6 times more probabilities to convert?

…Lead Nurturing helps to generate a 50% more of sales at a 33% lower cost?

A Lead to Revenue Management, o L2RM, strategy offers complete visibility on sales results and the journey your clients follow to get in touch with you, but it will also help you to boost your leads value to, with the same investment, achieve better results.

Download the whitepaper “L2RM, much more than Call Tracking” and discover how, apart from getting that visibility, you can improve your leads experience and conversions going beyond Call Tracking.


? Moreover, to strengthen your knowledge, you can also watch our last webinar: “L2RM, much more Call Tracking“.

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