Lead to Revenue Management, much more than Call Tracking [Video]

Discovering the online-offline tracking of our conversions offers visibility in sales outcomes and facilitates the adjustment of our investments to what better fits. But a L2RM strategy helps to, besides what has been previously mentioned, boost our leads value to, with the same investment, achieve better results.

With this in mind, on the 17th of June we presented our webinar “Lead to Revenue Management, much more than Call Tracking”, to show the potential of L2RM, compared to Call Tracking.


‘Call Tracking offers continuity to Lead Tracking, on a very simple manner, to help us to understand our customer journey. When we apply a L2RM strategy, we talk about an advanced and more sophisticated model for lead treatment in order to achieve better sales results’ (Juan Lozano, Senior Director at Walmeric).


Here we publish the video of this webinar for those who wish to discover how to improve leads experience and outcomes connecting Marketing and Sales with Lead To Revenue Management.


The main topics involved were:

What is Call Tracking

What is Lead to Revenue Management

Which are the differences

Success Stories

Also, you can check the presentation to learn what Lead to Revenue Management can provide to the Marketing and Sales strategy of your company:


Furthermore, if you have any other doubt, you can check our last post: “Call Tracking, a piece of a L2RM strategy”.

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