Machine Learning as a lead management tool

Digitized brain as machine learning representation

74% of users believe that with better investment in machine learning and automation they would more easily achieve their business goals, according to a survey conducted by Think with Google.

At Walmeric we know the advantages of implementing Artificial Intelligence in lead management and data processing. AI has numerous applications and different branches, among which machine learning stands out.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that consists of automatic machine learning based on data. This discipline allows computers to perform tasks autonomously, without the need to be previously programmed by a person. Specifically, they identify data patterns and make predictions based on them.

There are three types of machine learning: reinforcement, supervised and unsupervised.

Types of machine learning

  • Reinforcement learning: The computer learns from its own experience, based on trial and error.
  • Supervised learning: The computer is trained with a system of labels associated with data that allow it to make decisions or predictions. We tell the model what we want it to learn..
  • Unsupervised learning: The computer relies on data that have not been labeled. The objective is to analyze the data in order to group them or obtain new information.

In addition, Machine Learning has numerous applications, such as Lead Scoring, Match 360, and Conversational Labeling. On other occasions, we have already delved into Lead Scoring and Conversational Labeling, Walmeric’s Speech Analytics solution. But what is Match 360?

Walmeric’s Match 360

Match 360 is the solution that allows you to connect each lead with the sales agent most likely to perform a treatment that ends in a sale or contract, thanks to the application of AI and Machine Learning.

Entre las ventajas del Match 360 destacan:.

  • Optimize sales resources by directing leads to their optimal conversion point.
  • Avoid the loss of leads by being assisted by sales agents who do not respond to the level of assistance required by their particular cases.
  • Obtain sales increases of more than 20% compared to other call assignment systems.
  • Improve the user experience by redirecting them to the agent who can best assist them on a case-by-case basis.
  • Know the effect of the results thanks to the possibility of temporarily deactivating the Match 360 assignment.


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