MAD CRO 2019: Psicology applied to marketing strategy

“When you show the brain what it wants, instead of what the person is asking for, sales will increase”. With this in mind, Walmeric collaborated at the event MAD CRO 2019.

Taking as a starting point the concept of neuromarketing, AB Tasty designed an entire event dedicated to psicology applied to marketing and ROI improvement.

Neuromarketing: Buyer decision process

Conferences were the peak of the evening. Pedro Bermejo, expert in neurology and neuroeconomy, broke the ice with a masterful presentation about the power of neuromarketing and buyer decision process.

He discovered us buyer’s decisions behind buyer’s purchases. This expert in neurology supports that buyer’s purchases are driven by irrational impulses.

These impulses are guided by two forces;  the reward system and the loss aversion. According to this theory, deciding between loss and success before acquiring any product is vital in the buyer’s decision proccess.

ROI optimization strategies

Afterwards, José Manuel Piedrafita, Digital Marketing Director in Prosegur, came to the stage. He emphasized the importance of testing before officially publishing a new promotions landing page.

With Walmeric on screen, José Manuel completed his presentation highlighting the importance of gathering all possible information about any conversion in order to improve ROI.

He detected the importance of knowing the entire journey of all leads. Since the first instant they originate in a landing page until the moment of their conversion during a phone call.

In other words, how could you optimize the ROI of your marketing campaigns without knowing the entire journey of your leads?

Wise advice was given. Practices implemented by the security company focused on leads tracking. Methods that allow marketing optimization, contributing to a progressive ROI growth.

The round of presentations culminated with Nassim Messaoudi, specialist in ROI optimization methods in Europcar. This ROI optimizer highlighted the importance of having diverse options when deciding about the implementation of certain marketing practices. 

Analysing and testing are key to increase conversion and, consequently, these two are categorised as compulsory compliance when any marketing action is being implemented.

Neuromarketing as sales strategy

To have these experts as speakers got the best out of the event. A vast diversity of specialists in marketing and neuroscience came to the event to discuss and share their ideas.

Consequently, this environment enriched the event with new ideas, ways of implementing strategies and some advice regarding web site optimization. All of it focused on the use of psicology to improve and predict buyer decision process.

The importance of neuromarketing was perceived at the event. The fact of knowing the buyer decision process is vital in order to establish an ideal development of all marketing activities.

ROI optimization is given by knowing and tracking all leads, testing all promotional landing pages and improving websites. These practices are benefited by the application of psicology to all of them.

Innovation and risk, two concepts associated to each proposal related to any strategy change. Would you take the chance to apply psicology to your marketing actions?

Walmeric can help you to collect all important information about your leads journey. This data will contribute to their right treatment and represent a key fact for ROI improvement of your marketing activities.

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