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Information is important, the way it gets to you is even more important

It is evident that having information about your marketing and sales campaigns is essential to knowing what was successful and what wasn’t, what is the return of each campaign, what initiatives are worth replicating, etc.

However, frequently companies have at their disposal a wealth of information which finally goes unused. The result is that decisions are often taken based on incomplete or faulty information, with the subsequent cost in lost opportunities or avoidable mistakes.

Information must be complete and updated in real time

In order to make the information about your campaigns really useful, the ideal is to have it available in a unique and centralized web-based tool, with complete transparency and visibility of what is going on in each lead’s sales cycle, in real time.

Good metrics, if they are well organized and displayed, must be able to tell you a story and help you avoid mistakes, showing what works and what doesn’t. If you have a tool that makes measuring another part of the sales process you will notice an immediate improvement in the return of your marketing and sales activities.

Delio offers you a complete analytics and reporting system, updated in real time and capable of end-to-end tracking (from lead generation to report of state by sales force).

Read more about how a good reporting system will help your ROI here.

Originally published in our blog Delio.

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