AIshow: Why Match 360 has become essential to manage leads?

As you know… ¡Walmeric will be Silver Sponsor in AIshow!

Last week we told you about the first part of Irene Medina, Head of Marketing at Walmeric, presentation. We made a breakdown of the value of Lead Scoring and its application to a business development strategy.

In this post, we go on with updates on the presentation in AIshow with Match 360.

How does Artificial Intelligence help you to manage your leads?

The lead management process is simple. A user gets to your website and shows interest in a product or service that you offer: through a phone call, contact form, chat, etc.

Afterward, contact between that user and the first available agent is established. The closing sale can be negative (the sale has not been made) or positive (the sale has ben made).

How does this process change when Walmeric’s Match 360 is applied?

When the same user lands on your website and shows interest in your products or services: Match 360 gathers all navigation and lead details in form of labels, as well as the origin, device, or campaign.

The information gathered in those labels allows to connect a lead with that commercial agent who has higher possibilities of getting a positive closing sale; according to abilities, experience (in the product, for example), or agent personality.

For example, an elderly person with low computer expertise requests assistance via a contact form in order to complete the required documentation to get home insurance.

Match 360 analyses navigation and lead details, which permits to acquire the following information: 70-80 years old man, coming from the campaign “home insurance” and with a 10% of purchase process completed.

According to this information and commercial agents’ expertise, it has been determined that commercial agent number 1 has a 35% of possibility of closing the sale, number 2 a 97%, and number 3 a 14%.

Therefore, this lead will be sent to commercial agent number 2 in order to be assisted to the highest standards.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of applying Match 360 to your business?  Walmeric will be waiting for you in AIshow, “the Smart AI revolution for business”, on the 29th y 30th October in IFEMA, Madrid.

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