MatchID, the Google beta for offline conversions in Europe

Two years ago, Google announced the incompatibility of their User ID with the european GDPR, hampering to get notifications about offline conversions in Campaign Manager from that moment, in cases when the origin was not Search, meaning not having an GCLID associated to it.

Finally, Match ID comes to Europe in beta and as an alternative to upload video and display offline conversions – Partners’ Exchanges included – to CM, to allow advertisers to measure the impact of all their advertising investment in the offline world.

What is the difference between Match ID and the Google Ads’ User ID (UID)?

As well as UID, Match ID is an unique identifyier that permits to identify each lead that lands in your ecosystem coming from a campaign. However, this new beta adds a prior step to the notification of conversions: communicating the ID assigned to the treatment platform and without personal information, through a Floodlight to CM.

How does it work for Walmeric’s clients?

1. A user lands in a landing page or website associated to a campaign.

2. Delio, L2RM platform, interferes, identifies and generates a unique Match ID per user.

3. Delio synchronizes each user’s Match ID with CM.

4. From that moment, any communication with CM is made with the aforementioned Match ID. That is, if a user buys or hires a service, that conversion will be notified through the pertinent Match ID.

Which are the benefits?

No matter the origin channel of the campaign, yo will be able to automatically notify offline conversions to Google Campaign Manager. In the case of Search they will still be notified through GCLID and in case of Video or Display, through Match ID.

You will get visibility about your offline and online results, meaning, physical stores, Call Center sales, visits to store, subscription.

You will be able to optimize your advertising investment according to real results on conversions, adjusting your campaigns.

You will have the ability to update your audiences automatically, creating personalized audiences (custom audiences just for clients, for example), similars (lookalikes audiences) converted or avoiding unnecessary remarketing impacts, by means of negativization for those not converted.

And moreover, you will be allowed to activate automated bidding strategies based on offline objectives.

And you, do you take the most out of the potential of uploading offline conversions?

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