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Have you noticed how companies demand more and more sales from Marketing and Sales and yet at the same time often want it done with less and less resources? Is this your case? Read on, there might be a solution to your predicament.

There are several things you are probably doing already, such as trying to optimize your campaigns. The key for that is knowing exactly which media are providing your website or landing pages with leads that convert to sales. The idea is to abandon media which may send you lots of leads few of which turn into sales and focus on those with highest conversion rates.

Something else you can do is automate a lot of your marketing or sales activities. This will have a double effect: it will free up a lot of your time to do the really important stuff. More importantly, it will allow you to try out many more campaigns, see how they work, do A/B tests, etc. Automation makes setting up new campaigns an easy task and practice will make it even easier. You won’t be left guessing “what if I had done this”. You can just do it and quickly see if it works.

EBOOK-Get-the-most-out-of-your-databasesAre all marketing automation tools similar? Well, certainly not. If you are in a B2C business you need a tool capable of making phone calls. The most direct way to reach out to someone who is interested in your products is to give this person the chance to leave their number and get a call from you.

Easy A/B testing is also a must. You will want to test a lot of things in your campaigns: different pictures, layouts, fonts, offers… If you can automate these tests and easily see which option works better, you will be improving your conversion rates in real time!

Finally, you need a reporting system capable of gathering all of your campaign data, regardless of source (from origin of lead to result of interaction with your Call Center, for example) and displaying it in a way that is both useful and actionable.

Needless to say, Delio has all these features and many more! But the important thing is for you to know that there is so much you can do to increase your sales. And with less investment and effort. Are you sold?

Originally published in our blog Delio

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