Obtain qualified leads from your landing page and sell more

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The first step is to know what a lead is. It could be defined as a person who is interested in the products or services of our company and thanks to this we capture their data. Users are not always willing to provide their data without getting something in return, with one exception: if they need to contract what we sell.

If this is the case, we are going to make it easy for them: we are going to build a landing page with content that meets the characteristics of the potential customer, that avoids customer leakage and leads to conversion. This way we can deliver quality data to the sales team and in turn be more likely to convert this lead into a customer.

It is important that the landing page is responsive, that is, that it adapts to the different media that exist today: Tablet, PC, smartphone. This is basically to improve the user experience and avoid abandonment of the page.

What we can see below demonstrates the different ways to obtain qualified leads. We tell you what each of them consists of:

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1. Dynamic Ring Pool

This is a feature that allows us to show a different phone number to each user, in order to collect the tracking of each lead and finally refer them to the contact center with all their digital footprint, i.e. the information they have provided in the form and their navigation data.

This makes it possible to identify the channel of origin of each lead and to know what they are interested in according to the pages they have visited on our website, thus building a more favorable relationship between the lead and the commercial agent and improving conversion to sales.

2. Call me Back

Call me Back is a contact request form from the user. It enables call routing between leads and agents through an automated process. In this way, Call Me Back forms allow assigning a unique ID to each lead, thus obtaining all the tracking of the same in the form of tags, in addition to the information collected in the form itself.

This will allow the following:

  • Automate calls, optimizing the resources derived from the time invested by agents in making them.
  • Optimize contact methods, establishing calls only with those leads that can be contacted.
  • Increase the probability of conversion by making it possible to contact 100% of the registered leads.
  • Know which products or services leads are most interested in.

3. WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used applications. It has more than 2 billion users and today several companies use it in their business format to contact leads more immediately.

What are the benefits?

  • Generate more trust with the user.
  • Exchange information more quickly and directly.
  • Send messages in an automated way and design quick responses.
  • Establish a more human interaction with the consumer.

Through these two forms of contact, leads can have a better buying experience and convert more.

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Originally published in our Global ROI Hub newsletter.

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