Omnichannel acquisition in the education sector

Last Thursday, April 28, we were at the event “Omnichannel acquisition in the education sector”, where our CEO & Co-funder, Antonio Fernández, highlighted the importance of technology to improve traceability in the education sector.

The importance of omnichannel acquisition

During his presentation, Antonio Fernández explained the different channels that exist, the advantages of applying Artificial Intelligence and the phases in the management of student recruitment:

  • Getting to know the student. We collect the student’s fingerprint and call data to contextualize his or her contact file.
  • Treat the student.We apply AI to qualify leads, prioritize them and analyze conversations.
  • Reactivate non-enrollees. Personalized and automated actions to re-contact students who did not enroll in the first instance.

Walmeric also presented the success story of one of Spain’s leading private universities in terms of number of students.

If you missed it, you can re-watch the event by clicking here

The event was attended by professionals from Valhalla, LinkedIn, Meta, Habitant and Walmeric. Each presented their experience in the education sector and provided advice on how to approach contact in a competitive world.

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