Omnichannel: connect with your customers how and when they want

Users claim memorable, personalized experiences through their favorite channel: phone, web, WhatsApp, Facebook … And brands? They practice omnichannel strategies to add value to the consumer, improve service, reduce costs and boost their business results.

The truth is that there are many steps on the customer journey to purchase and contact options are growing day by day. So, why not explore that interactions in the larger context of the user experience?


Brands that build exceptional customer experiences earn 5.7 times more revenue – SundaySky


In order to offer a true omnichannel and uniform experience, it is essential to analyze each contact point and associate this information with each lead. Lead Tracking groups this information allowing: in-depth knowledge of users while enriching the context for future conversations.

Users feel that repeating information to one agent after another is a waste of time, but for brands it is a clear inefficiency. Can you imagine attending more and better? Its implementation means an increase in efficiency and conversions to sale, all without the need to increase investment.

Smart Workplace platforms such as D3A allow the information of each lead and its end-to-end tracking to be combined. But it also improves the availability of brand information and its spokespersons (call center, chat, chatbot, callbot …) so that they can offer a solid experience and identity, regardless of the channel or device chosen by the consumer.


Consistent and complementary: the parts of the consumer experience Omnichannel

Technology evolves without pause and although a lead remains a lead, the forms of contact and opportunities to interact with users are growing by leaps and bounds, how can we take advantage of them?

The first step in building an omnichannel strategy is to funnel all user interactions into a single inbox. Managing them in the same workspace, regardless of origin, allows efficient attention to each interaction, preventing leads from getting cold. But in addition, working with the tab, history and context of the lead by hand allows offering a sum of complementary and coherent experiences to the user.

Omnichannel on the Smart Workplace platform

Take control of your brand’s omnichannel communication by managing all interactions regardless of their channel origin and from a single platform, Smart Worplace:

  • Call and anwer phone calls. Talk with your leads easily from a single platform, add notes for your team, code the closing detail in a personalized way or consult all the associated analytics.
  • Send and receive messages from social networks and WhatsApp. Offer new options to users who request information or who are busy to answer the phone, answer their questions, share the catalog, the location of the store, legal terms and conditions…
  • Capture forms and chat conversations. Add leads from Google Ads Form, Facebook Lead Ads or from your website, including Call Me Back and Call Me Now, and improve their management with lead treatment and management tools such as Delio Lead Management.
  • Add a virtual assistant, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, to your channel mix. Collect the information of each lead and the associated tracking during the interaction.


Improve the experience of your customers while increasing the efficiency of your commercial agents, who will obtain the detailed context of each conversation as well as everything necessary to achieve their objectives, without installation and with the possibility of remote access. What else do you need?

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