Optimize your investment in Google Ads with call tracking

Did you know that 43% of conversions after an online search occur over the phone? And that 65% of companies consider that phone calls are the most valuable and qualified source of prospects?

The truth is that users search and buy, but what is the lever that activates the visit, the call, and the conversion? The answer is in Call Tracking, whose application will help you to make informed decisions regarding advertising investment or sales strategy.

What is Google Ads call tracking?

Google Ads call tracking collects anonymized information about those prospects who have called your business after having viewed or clicked on one of your pay-per-click (PPC) ads in the search engine.

After the set-up, Google will monitor it in two ways: through ads with call extension (in which a Google phone or a button will be shown or a “click to call” in the case of mobile devices) and on the other hand, inserting a dynamic number on your web page, which will show the different number for each visitor. In both cases, the call will be routed to the telephone number indicated by each company, whether it be your telephone switchboard, a specific department or a Call Center.

If you thought it was the definitive solution, I am sorry to say that Click to Call is not available for Display network and that the phone numbers generated by Google are for Google only, so you will not be able to use them in other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo or Yandex, nor to measure offline conversions from platforms like Facebook.

However, there are other options, such as Walmeric’s Lead to Revenue Management platform, which completes the tracking offered by Google, helping you understand how your campaigns drive calls through different platforms. In addition, it integrates the automated treatment of forms such as Call Me Back and Call Me Now, so that you will not delay a minute in treating your leads and they will not get cold.

What are the benefits of call tracking?

Call tracking, along with L2RM technology, allows you to collect valuable information from prospects who have contacted your company over the phone – whether or not they have converted – and also gives you the opportunity to:

  1. Measure the ROI of your search campaigns: attribute each conversion, offline or online, to its corresponding campaign so you can make decisions accordingly that improve your results..
  2. Improve your phone call management: connect each call with the ideal agent, without losing any calls, in addition, you will be able to collect information on each conversation with Walmeric technology, through conversational tagging with AI, which will be knowledgeable and efficient for your company actions.
  3. Optimize the performance of your campaigns: call tracking and Walmeric technology will show you which source, campaign, affiliate partner, search keyword, site navigation, conversion URL, or acquisition element so that you can invest only in those combinations that drive more conversions to you and negativize what does not.
  4. Make your human resources more efficient: you will be able to identify which sales team gets the most conversions, the level of attention of each Call Center, the duration of the call, or the funnel level of each prospect and conversion. All this information will allow you to make decisions that will improve your results.


And you, what are you waiting for to apply Call Tracking to optimize your campaigns?

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