Remote Manager: Get the most from Lead Management

Users consider immediacy in receiving a solution to their needs highly important.  Immediacy determines a user’s choice on a service.

Therefore, a service that provides leads with the solution they need with promptness, will be what they determine to be acceptable. Other possible options to solve their needs, that could be preferable for their case, will not be taken into account, immediacy is what matters most.

In this way, acknowledging that competition is high, being the first one to offer the right solution to users’ needs means a value add-on.

Immediacy combined with an ideal lead management plan is a superb compound that brings great improvements in conversion rates.  

Immediacy and personalized sales speech

Walmeric has achieved to unite the two causes that contribute to closing a sale. Contact immediacy and an informed, contextualized and personalized sales speech.

Remote Manager originated due to a change in the paradigm. Immediacy influences a buyer’s decision and, in conjunction with a contextualized sales speech, increases sales probability.

When an agent has received key information about a lead and the product he is interested in, the call conversation among them develops nimbly and free-flowing. Moreover, this is more likely to happen when the call is made close to the moment in which the lead requested a call.

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The Remote Manager technology sends leads data, along with product information, to commercial agents’ mobile phone.

Remote Manager allows agents to immediately call leads, reducing the possibility of losing their interest.

Likewise, all calls use a unique telephone number allowing the collection of leads’ tracking information. Moreover, once the call has been completed, the agent can fill in the closing details and add them to the previous information received to get a full report.

Data reveals its value

Walmeric clients have percieved an increment in their conversion rates in immediate calls, compared to those that were made a few minutes after.

8 out of 10 leads that are immediately attended convert into commercial opportunities, those users receive a formal commercial proposal. From those leads attended in less than 5 minutes, 3 out of 10 convert.    

Rates are even more impressive when 60 minutes pass since a lead requested information; just 1 out of 10 leads originated convert into oppotunities.

When there is a short time response, opportunities increase, as well as conversion rates. Walmeric technology enables that from a 100% of leads, 80% are attended immediately after their information request.

An ideal sales resources’ management add to the use of Remote Manager, entails an increase in opportunities and conversion rates.

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