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One of the metrics almost every company uses as a KPI for their online marketing and sales is the Conversion Rate. But, what is the Conversion Rate?

The Conversion Rate (CR) is the percentage of leads who have completed a specific desired action. This might be filling out a contact form, calling your contact centre, or buying a product through assisted sales. 

It is calculated using the following formula:

Conversion Ratio Formula

CRs are an important metric to help measure the success of your business, especially your marketing and sales team’s work. When your CR is high, you can be confident that your investment in marketing is successful, and as a result you gain leads and customers. 


Conversion Rate Optimisation is one of the strategies which helps improve the conversion rate. For more information on CRO, visit our previous blog here.


Why is your CR lower than it should be?

If you’re struggling to boost your CRs, it indicates that leads aren’t being convinced to take action on your sites. There could be various reasons for this. Perhaps your ads are not reaching the desired audience, or your website lacks a clear Call To Action. Maybe you ask the user for too much information and they become overwhelmed. Maybe, due to varied customer preferences, your website needs omnichannel contact options, such as Web Chat, WhatsApp or speaking with an agent over the phone.


How can we help?

Walmeric’s Lead to Revenue Management technology & methodology optimises and automates Sales and Marketing results by intelligently managing leads, resources and investments. 

We work closely with our clients, empowering them to revolutionise their CRs with our L2RM solutions that have been designed from scratch to meet the needs of the B2C environment.

Leveraging our deep understanding of the B2C world, we have successfully transformed CRs for numerous clients. Our solutions collect and store all information from the leads’ journey through all stages of the funnel. This data is actionable. It can be used to make data driven decisions for your sales and marketing teams, using the advanced analytics and reporting now available to you. This information is stored on our platform, and our AI-empowered technology uses that data to automatically add beneficial actions, improving your results, thus leading to CR optimisation.

Since the importance of knowing your CR is now evident, why not take this opportunity to calculate yours? Compare it to industry averages, and think about how plugging Walmeric into your systems could help!


So, how can Walmeric’s Lead-to-Revenue Management Technology Transform your Conversion Rates?

We have vast and varied experience, working with clients of different sizes in multiple industries, and we have learned a lot. 

Our Solutions increase our clients’ Conversion Rates in 3 main ways: 

  • Instant Interaction with your Contact Centres

Our Ring pool and Call me Back solutions allow leads to call directly or input their information into a short form, and this information instantly arrives at the contact centre. Within 30 seconds, the lead will receive a call from our system connecting them with a sales representative.

This quick contact improves the sales experience, thus improving CRs.

  • Lead Scoring with Personalisation and Prioritisation 

We personalise the lead acquisition for each lead that visits your website. We use the information the lead provides, as well as all the digital footprint from each lead’s journey to your site, to personalise the contact methods available to them. Additionally, we send this information to your CRO platforms, to personalise landing pages. Our aim is to help you to maximise the potential of your resources.

For example, if your contact centre has 100 incoming calls, but only 20 agents working, how do you manage this? We use data previously collected by our Smart Pixels to optimise the qualification strategies for each of your leads. Leads are then segmented, based on their score, which is generated using AI analysis and business rules. Leads with the highest percentage possibility of buying/success are given priority and attended to first. 

  • Smart Routing Leads to the Perfect Agent

Following on from the previous step, we use our AI-empowered solution to predict which agent is most likely to have a favourable sale closing with the incoming lead. This allows us to optimise call routing to Contact Centres, therefore, optimising all available sales resources, leading to reduced leads lost and increased likelihood of  sale. 


What next?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionise your conversion rates! Inputting our technology to your systems is a simple process.

Why not reach out to our teams today to find out more, and increase your profits and your CRs?

Revolutionise your conversion rates now! Contact us here!

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