Smart Workplace, the re-evolution after coronavirus

Over the last few months, the global economic fabric has been pushed to the limit, has been promoted a change of mentality both personally and professionally, and technology has been played a fundamental role, connecting people and companies.

In addition, 78% of users believe that the pandemic will accelerate the adoption of a digital and telework culture according to the COVID-19 Barometer and Marketing in Spain prepared by Good Rebels.

What is expected after COVID-19?

The Smart Workplace is positioned as the key concept of the new normal in which organizations urgently need to transform their traditional offices while seeking to improve the customer experience, increase the well-being of their employees, and all this without forgetting profitability.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Walmeric presents the Smart Workplace platform, created for the intelligent, omnichannel management, treatment, and enrichment of all lead interactions with a brand. A new step on the path, started in 2007, to continue helping our clients in their omnichannel and remote sales process.

Smart Workplace is our proposal to help companies in the last mile of their business, to achieve the best results in the most efficient way – Antonio Fernández (CEO at Walmeric)

New Smart Workplace platform

Our solution improves the efficiency of commercial agents in call centers, bank offices, dealerships and commercial networks, putting at their disposal everything they need to achieve their goals, without installation and with the possibility of remote access or telework, at anytime, anywhere.

An improved customer service
An omnichannel service with intelligent routing and all the necessary tools to offer the best experience.
Happier users
A quicker response to users, enriched and personalized, according to their history and necessities.
Better results
Complete visibility of your performance in order to make decisions and obtain the best results.

What are the benefits for business?

Start talking with your leads in a single Smart Workplace, open new contact channels, gather information about your leads, enrich the conversations and improve user experience with the intelligent solution.

Omnichannel solution
Lead Management from all channels on the same platform.
Immediate management
Automatically assign leads to your free and available agents according to predefined rules.
Lead history
Check the information and history of the lead when you need it and contextualize your attention.
Connected team
Have conversations between team members. You can also transfer conversations to another agent.
Online resources
Product catalog, store location, new campaigns… always at hand.
Sales closing coding
Manage the leads and encode the closing of the conversation with the lead (after-sales and sales).
Permission management
Control the permissions of each user and roles (administrator level).
Daily management
Management of the daily operation of managers (administrator level).
Dashboard and reports
Extract results and analyze conversations with your leads, performance of commercial managers and sales results.

The Smart Workplace platform joins wiseS, our latest Artificial Intelligence Sales Platform presented in the last edition of AI Show to improve the profitability of marketing investments and increase conversions through the optimization and management of leads.

What will be next?

The technological challenge is real and our goal continues to be adding value to our clients through research, such as the collaborative economy and LeadLab projects that have the collaboration of CDTI. So we will continue, as up to now, developing complex technology to make marketing and sales easier and more efficient.

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