So what exactly is Delio Lead Management Platform?

Delio is a Lead Management software platform that gives you the capacity of creating and implementing your own Online Marketing and Sales campaigns. It is different from other software platforms out there because it has been designed from scratch with the needs of the B2C market in mind.

Consider this: according to Google 97% of people do some research online before purchasing a product or service. However, when it comes to actually buying, 73% complete their purchases offline (in a shop, bank branch, insurance agent or speaking with a Call Center).

Delio is the ideal tool to turn leads into customer sales. Its features allow you to contact your leads on a one-to-one basis, at the right time and using the most relevant medium in each case. This is how you ensure the best chances at conversion.

EBOOK-What-to-do-to-avoid-losing-leads-and-sales-opportunitiesDelio allows you to automate many of your campaigns, so you can invest your time and resources in what really adds value: the creation of new marketing and sales strategies that offer the best ROI. It is also intuitive and easy to use, so once you’re up and running you will be creating campaigns and reaping the results in a very short time.

You will finally be able to free yourself form routine tasks and concentrate on what really matters. You will be amazed at how much more you can do with less! Delio gives you the power to gather and visualize essential tracking and browsing information about your leads, so you can communicate with them in a personalized way and accelerate your sales.

That is why we say that Delio allows you to sell more and sell better.

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