Team Building 2019: Walmeric’s team work values

The past 24th October was not a common working day for Walmeric: on that day we worked team building, empathy and confidence among co-workers. We laughed, enjoyed together and meet each other on a different way.

Just for a day, we changed our laptops for wooden boards, meetings for ideas on how to stand out in each of the proposed activities and our department co-workers for new team fellows.

At 11:30 we took a bus from our offices in Torre Sínola, Madrid, to the touristic complex Escorial-Natura. Our instructors were waiting for us to start a full miniolympics day. T-shirts distribution, teams organization and… we were ready to get started!

The 4 teams organized for Walmeric's Team Building

All companies dream of working on an organized way, optimizing their resources and increasing the performance and productivity of their employees. But, what is the key to get it? To learn how to work well in a team is the key to success.

Team work enriches all and each of the activities carried out in a company. Contribution of different points of view, individual experiences lived by each team member and the incalculable value of having more than two eyes to detect failures and areas of improvement.

What values does Walmeric’s team work boost?

Organization: One of the most important aspects in the development of any activity carried out within Walmeric is that each team member understands the way in which tasks are organized. When everyone work in line, reaching the proposed goals goes from being unachievable to be achievable.

Walmeric playing an organization game within our Team Building

Communication: If communication doesn’t flow within the team, it is possible that all the activities proposed will not be carried out as expected. When everyone is aware of every step given in any proyect or activity, resources are better used, time is better spent and the obtained results are more satisfactories.

communication activity within Walmeric's Team Building

Confidence: Having confidence in yourself is important. But, when we trust our team, when we are supported by them, optimizing resources and maximizing results becomes much more easy.

confidence game within Walmeric's Team Building

Motivation: within any team, it affects each of its members positively. In the presence of adversity, it makes us feel strong, supported and willing to fight together to get our objectives.

motivation game within Walmeric's Team Building

Responsibility: A key aspect working in a team is to give each member a feeling of belonging by assigning individual responsibilities that complement the group’s activity. When everyone know their function, activities develop quicker and all team members feel more productive.

responsibility game within Walmeric's Team Building

Commitment: A feeling of belonging to a team makes us give the best out of us . We do not look for an individual benefit anymore, we try to find the way to success together.

Commitment activity within Walmeric's Team Building

Empathy: When one of us successes, everyone success. Celebrating our co-workers’  victories, besides promoting motivation, helps the team to develop and grow in the correct way. Showing empathy to positive reactions, strengthens bonds among co-workers.

In Walmeric we are a big team that works united to give the best out of us. Would you like to be part of Walmeric?

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