The talent of the IE Exponential Learning in Walmeric: The Data Science Bootcamp

Walmeric, leading tech company in services based on business intelligence to Lead to Revenue Management, is committed to talent with IE Exponential Learning, unit belonging to IE University.

Do you want to boost your professional career as Data Scientist?

Apply before 18 August 2019 (the deadline has been extended until 31 August 2019!) and get a 5.000€ scholarship to participate in the IE XL Data Science Bootcamp and get a job contract to work for Walmeric.

According to the European Commission, it has been estimated that 1 million new tech jobs will be created by 2020. However, it has been established as unlikely that, taking into account the kind of education given nowadays, all job offers would be held.

Walmeric collaboration agreement with IE XL and its Data Science Bootcamp

That is the reason why Walmeric have started a collaboration agreement with IE XL and its Data Science Bootcamp, making our contribution towards the development of these highly demanded skill sets that will allow candidates to transform or grow their profesional careers in a increasingly dynamic market.

The professionals who complete the Bootcamp will be able to answer complex business questions through the application of Machine Learning and other analytical tools, making a difference to marketing profiles, product development, project management or business management and administration.


Experience or previous knowledge in Data Science is not required, the only conditions?

Maths and statistics basic knowledge, a good level of English and passion to learn and enjoy with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

A great opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge and bring it to practice in real situations. The perfect chance to reinforce your teamwork qualities and understand the potential that Data analysis and management has in any industry.

Are you ready to undertake a new Data Science adventure?

Extend information about the IE XL Data Science Bootcamp and the possibility of obtaining our € 5,000 scholarship with an employment contract: here.

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