The value of personalization and automation when managing leads

Do you know how important it is to manage and take care of all leads? These last years, the number of companies that have decided to include Lead to Revenue Management in their business strategy has grown.  Let’s start managing leads!

More and more, users are the ones who have initiative within the sales process. Consequently, managing these leads as optimal as possible becomes essential.

As a result of a mass use of Internet prospecting and the boom of long-tail searches, the value of leads attracting methods is real. But, it has become more important to optimize Lead Management procedures, in order to favour acquisition to transform into conversion.

According to ventas 2.0, companies that conduct Lead Management strategies get a sales increment by 10%. Moreover, those that set up nurturing processes, achieve a sales opportunities increase by 20%.

How do they get these results? As difficult as it could seem, any company can obtain them. By means of an optimal Lead Management strategy, combining lead nurturing and leads classification according to their level of interest. These outcomes are achievable!

Lead Nurturing

As we previously mentioned, Lead Nurturing can make your conversion probability grow by a 20%. This can be achieved launching diverse actions to leads who have already been approached without a favourable closing sale.

Lead Nurturing facilitates closing sales by means of personalized actions to those leads who did not convert at a first attempt.

Gathering leads data and mixing them with nurturing flows, it is possible to increase users value. Having the whole tracking full of relevant information makes the organization of personalized actions focused on their needs easier.

Lead Scoring

But, how should I put in order leads to avoid losing sales opportunities? How can I know to which leads allocate specific nurturing actions? Here it is where Lead Scoring plays an important role.

This solution, boosted with artificial intelligence, collects leads’ labels to assist in predicting each lead conversion probability.

Taking Lead Scoring into account, clusterization can be made, which is the segmentation of users within specific groups. This helps to understand conversion probability of specific segments made up of shared characteristics.

Applying Lead Scoring to your strategy, allowing you to understand each lead conversion probability, facilitates the implementation of nurturing flows. As a result, it permits to assign specific actions to those leads with higher possibilities of conversion.

The real value of automation

Nowadays, taking into account the large volume of leads companies are facing,  automation becomes key to optimize processes.

Nevertheless, the real value of automation does not just lie in this action. The real benefit that it gives is immediacy. Why to automate processes if these are not done at the precise moment?

Actions’ automation should be understood as a respond process to users. Still, these are actions that should not just be carried out as response to requests or as cause of an effect. It is relevant to build up a communication flow in which actions take the initiative according to buyer needs.

Diverse factors are taken into account; their stage in the sales funnel, products they are interested in or their user profile. As a consequence, answers adapt and personalize to be launched at the best time to favour conversion.

Lastly, it is also possible to adapt messages to users’ behaviour and needs by means of Lead to Revenue Management automation systems.

Do you need to guide your messages according to lead’s actions and needs? Walmeric solution enables to direct actions to leads in accordance with  determining factors. As a result, each lead receives a personalized treatment focused on what they need, not a typical one.

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