TikTok Lead Generation: attraction forms for generation Z

Social networks are a great opportunity for companies to promote themselves and reach their target audience. In the last year, TikTok, the short vertical video platform, has overtaken other networks among teenagers. However, the platform continues to grow and is slowly signing up new users of all ages.

Seeing the boom of this social network, companies have not wanted to stay on the sidelines and have been joining it. Some use it simply to promote their products, while others offer diverse content related to their sector with a less commercial objective and focused on helping the consumer.

What are the advantages of TikTok for companies?

Companies with a presence on TikTok can access an audience that until now they have not reached with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. This is mainly Generation Z, a digital native group that lives glued to their cell phones. According to a study conducted by Retail Dive, social networks influence 80% of the Z’s decision making. Therefore, if you want to impact their customer journey, it is essential to be on TikTok.

Thanks to the format offered by TikTok, companies will be able to reach their audience in a less traditional and more original way. Likewise, thanks to the virality of the networks, they will be able to significantly increase their followers and, with it, their sales. In the same way, by offering a variety of content, such as tips and recommendations, they can build customer loyalty and generate engagement.

What is Tiktok Lead Generation?

First contact
The user sees the ad and clics on the call to action button.
Form filling
The user fills in the form with the data they wish to provide to the company.
Contact information
The form may vary depending on the data that the company wants to request. The privacy policy appears at the end of the form.
Once the data is submitted, the user will have a new button to access more products, more information, etc., which may take them to our website.
Website through TikTok
This is what the web page looks like when you click on the button above.

Companies have already created content on the platform and have gained followers. Yet, they don’t have any data about those people, they don’t know what exactly interests them, they have no way to contact them. How can they make the most of those followers? This is where the new TikTok lead generation tool comes in.

With this tool, companies can enable a call to action button on their videos, which activates a form for the user to fill in their contact details. In addition, they can also indicate what they are interested in, so that the agent who contacts them already knows what to offer them.

Integration with Walmeric’s Delio

And what happens with all the information originated in TikTok? Manually contacting each lead may cause some to go unnoticed, we may not be able to call them all, we may call too late and they may have cooled off or gone to the competition, etc.

For this reason, TikTok integrates with Walmeric’s Delio platform, which collects information from the forms, as well as information related to the lead’s activity (for example, knowing which ad they have contacted you about). Delio also allows us to activate automated calls to contact each lead within seconds of filling out the form, at which point they are 100% interested in us. In this way, no potential contact is forgotten, nor do we give them time to lose interest.

On the other hand, Delio also offers the possibility of implementing scoring, which allows analyzing the information of each lead and prioritizing the contacting of those with a higher probability of conversion. Lead nurturing strategies can also be incorporated, to perform automated follow-up of contacts that have not converted in the first call. In this way, personalized emails can be sent to them to redirect them to the lead nurturing funnel.

At Walmeric we have experience in integrating social media information into our clients’ Adtech and Martech platforms, ask us without obligation!

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