Tourism Innovation Summit 2021: Revolutionize the tourism sector with Artificial Intelligence

On November 10, 11 and 12, the Tourism Innovation Summit 2021 took place in Seville (#TIS2021), an event focused on the tourism sector and digitalization. Walmeric was present to talk about how Artificial Intelligence can help increase sales with Lead Scoring, 360º Match and Conversational Labeling.

During TIS2021, we were able to share with attendees the different concerns of companies in the tourism sector and how Artificial Intelligence can help the tourism sector thanks to data processing, optimization of marketing actions, anticipating the behaviors and needs of potential customers and determining the probability of conversion of a lead based on its history.

The tourism sector after the pandemic

According to the Changing Traveller Report by SiteMinder, after the pandemic, “travelers are still demanding”. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of technology in order to offer the best to customers. We must “use available data, analytics and promotional tools to identify target audiences, understand new demands and connect with them with relevant, personalized and competitive communications and product offerings” (Tecnohotel).

To get the most out of our customers’ data and information, Artificial Intelligence is the key. For example, with a Lead Scoring strategy, we will serve users within seconds of them contacting us. With Match 360º, we will be able to connect leads with the agent who will best serve them based on their conversion history and user profile. This way, we will achieve a higher probability of conversion. Finally, with Conversational Labeling, the AI will “listen” to conversations with users and extract keywords to link them to their customer file and improve their profiles.

On the other hand, not all users make their reservations through the Internet. Some get their information in the online world, but end up booking offline; and others go directly offline.  One of the problems that companies have when it comes to recording the interaction with the lead is that once they move from the online to the offline environment, all the information is lost. Even if a person comes directly to our offices, how do we know that they have not been impacted by one of our online campaigns? With the right technology, office professionals can have all user information on a single platform and can update the lead’s file with information about everything that happens in the offline environment. In this way, the marketing team will be able to know if the campaigns are working correctly. 

Couldn’t attend the Tourism Innovation Summit 2021? Here you have the video with our presentation.

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