Verti success story: video interview with Juan Pablo Galán

Juan Pablo Galán, Business Director at Verti, with over 20 years of experience within the insurance industry, and a great vocation towards this job, talks about the progresses within the insurance world and the challenges that are facing  within the digital world; data, machine learning robotization and Artificial Intelligence.

The adoption of this sales channel has generated great benefits to Verti in terms of business development, leading to a fundamental increase in the number of insurance policies sold, meaning a 5% to 10% out of the total number of policies.

To Verti, being a Walmeric’s partner means accessing to the tracking of all your leads, coming from any origin and moreover it offers the possibility of continuously innovating  to optimize results and try the last trends in the market.

Access directly to the question of your interest:

1. Who is Juan Pablo Galán?

2. Which challenges are you facing?

3. Sales channel chat: Which are the benefits?

4. Which are the trends within the industry?

5. How has Walmeric helped Verti?

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