Vodafone success story: video interview with Manuel Rodríguez and José Hernández

The implementation of a new Lead to Revenue Management model to appropriately manage their leads has allowed Vodafone to improve customer experience, sales platforms’ procedures and conversion by 2%.

Manuel Rodríguez, Digital Marketing Manager, and José Hernández, Digital eCommerce CRO specialist, both employees at Vodafone with over 11 years of experience within the telecoms sector talk about the challenges they face to favour conversion growth and optimize sales processes in digital acquisition and assisted sales environment.

In 2016, Vodafone incorporated Walmeric as their tech partner with the goal of obtaining higher visibility in tracking the whole digital activity linked with the offline world.

During these years Vodafone has experienced a transformation and now they are focusing their efforts on obtaining visibility in purchase intention and optimizing lead management to accomplish more efficient sales, with more satisfactory results for both, the company and their clients.

Walmeric has provided us with that spark of innovation that sometimes is the only way to help us to improve day by day and to be more efficient


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1. Who are Manuel Rodríguez and José Hernández?

2. Which are the sales’ challenges Vodafone faces regarding digital acquisition?

3. Innovate on Lead to Revenue Management model : which are the benefits?

4. Which partner helps Vodafone in terms of innovation?

5. What has meant to Vodafone the adoption of Walmeric’s technology? How has Walmeric helped Vodafone?

Do you want to know more about the benefits of applying Lead to Revenue Management to your sales and marketing strategies? Get in touch with us and discover how to optimize sales processes, obtain higher visibility of your conversions and improve results due to an efficent lead management procedure.

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