Walmeric obtains a CDTI funding for a collaborative economy project

The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology has granted Walmeric with a funding. It has been given to develop the first innovation for collaborative economy project in the assisted sales and services industry ever carried out in Europe.

Collaborative economy has entailed great improvements all over the world, however not at the same level in every industry. Walmeric, always at the cutting edge of innovation, presented a project to bring the concept of collaborative economy in the assisted sales and services industry.

The technological challenge is there, but our goal is to keep providing value to our clients through extensive research. Likewise, Walmeric is working on the development of an easy-to-use technology, an ideal platform to enrich the collaborative economy sector.

Moreover, it is not a project focused on the development of a platform for highly qualified people. It has been designed with the idea of being understood by every single kind of user.

However, this has not been the only challenge. Equaly, the human resources research with a high technical level, AI abilities and a  big interest in Data Science has been complicated; these profiles don’t abound in the market.

Major benefits

The goal of the Walmeric innovation project is to become a driving force to influence improvements within the call center industry.  Furthermore, to develop not just a model technological platform, but a movement that leads to significant benefits going beyond the economic ones. Great technological and social benefits have been predicted.

With the support of CDTI, Walmeric will bring value to the market with this new project, gaining innovation and country development. In addition, Walmeric will boost economic growth and job offers in a conservative industry far from innovation.

A sector that comprises teams placed in the same area, with clients campaigns that generates high working volumes.


Call center


Walmeric believes this project will become a revolution for the Call Center industry, but also for Walmeric itself as being part of this change.

A value chain with a great social impact and a multiplier effect. The beginning of the collaborative economy within the assisted sales and services industry.

Furthermore, it is an ideal opportunity for unemployed people or for those with difficulities getting into a collapsed market to carry out a remunerated activity from any part of the world.

A great opportunity to reactivate regional economies and a way to optimize our clients expenses, bringing new resources to their products and services.

Do you want to know more about the project? Be attentive to our blog or request more information.

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