Walmeric is committed to talent with IE Exponential Learning and its Data Science Bootcamp

It has been 11 weeks since IE Exponential Learning bootcampers started the Data Science adventure. A high level program given by IE Business School that, in its 2019 edition, has transformed its participants into professionals experts in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

For three months, all bootcampers have been exposed to all kinds of challenges, situations that have pushed their limits, helping them to develop and strengthen abilities they even didn’t know they had.

IE Business School and Walmeric

From Walmeric, leading tech company in services based on business intelligence to Lead to Revenue Management, we are committed to find talent and, therefore, we trust the education given by IE Exponential Learning.

A few months ago we inaugurated an agreement with IE Business School to offer a scholarship with a job contract in Walmeric to one of the participants within the present edition of the IE Exponential Learning Data Science Bootcamp.

The agreement among IE and Walmeric is a talent proposal. According to Ricardo Mesquita, Head of Inmersive Learning at IE Exponential Learning, “to us, seeing how the bootcampers jump into the market to work in interesting and relevant projects to enrich their education and professional career is key”.

Today we will tell you about our agreement’s resolution: Borja Alonso Valderrey will be part of Walmeric as Data Scientist from next January.

Data Science Bootcamp IE Exponential Learning IE Business School

Demo Day Bootcamp in Data Science

On December the 12th, Walmeric went to the IE Exponential Learning Demo Day, the bootcamper’s final projects presentation. We talked with Borja, who described the Bootcamp in Data Science as “great complement regarding innovation and technology, allowing you to be at the cutting-edge of data, the industry of the future”.

Along with his team, he presented the results of the last 8 weeks of work: a proposal for a real furniture company, client of the advertising company McCann.

As a result, they showed their Artificial Intelligence model focused on reducing “customer churn rate”, the rate of customers who stop doing business with the company, providing an annual extra revenue of 300.345€.

Data Science Bootcamp IE Exponential Learning IE Business School

In 2020, there will be approximately 1 million new digital and tech jobs, primarly focusing their importance in data.

In agreement with Borja, “data is the petroleum of the future, the information source of any company. The form in which data is managed and the way in which we could take advantage of it, will be how companies will improve”.

In a couple of weeks, Borja wil be part of Walmeric as Data Scientist within the Artificial Intelligence department; “it has been a trip short in time, but deep in intensity, so I am really hopping to put in practice everything I have learnt”.

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