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How does my company benefit from Walmeric?
What is Walmeric used for?
How does Walmeric work?
Why trust Walmeric?
As a partner, what opportunities will I have?


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How does my company benefit from Walmeric?

Being a Walmeric partner means being at the forefront of L2RM technology for conversion to sales and marketing optimization, it means offering one of the most cutting-edge and differentiating products on the market.

Differentiation: get a highly competitive lead management and marketing automation tool and the only one designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the B2C environment.
Recognition: being a certified Walmeric partner gives you a relevant position within our partner hub, obtaining greater visibility among potential customers.
Extra value contribution: improve the added services in your product portfolio by enhancing the marketing / advertising / sales services you offer to your customers, improving your offer.
Revenue stream: a way to expand your revenue streams with new training, consulting and implementation services.

What is Walmeric used for?

Walmeric is the first company to cover the entire integrated lead-to-sales funnel, thanks to its Lead to Revenue Management technology. Its platforms have been enabling integrated lead management across channels, automation and efficient conversion to sales in B2C companies around the world for 15 years.

Technology at the service of the customer to improve the management, processing and conversion to sales of leads in B2C companies by incorporating: omnichannel, immediate contact, online and offline traceability (end-to-end lead tracking), lead and sales agent qualification with AI (lead scoring and Match 360), prioritization of treatment, digital footprint, attribution of offline sales to source marketing campaigns and lead conversion in a single solution, for global visibility of the funnel in real time.

Partners working with Walmeric:
mprove the integrated management of your customer contacts.
They enrich information and maximize conversion.
They guarantee efficiency thanks to the centralization of processes.

How does Walmeric work?

Walmeric works with international partners to help B2C customers in various sectors – Automotive, Banking, Energy, Telecommunications, Insurance, Education, Tourism and Retail – whose products require assisted sales (sales agents in call centers, bank offices, dealerships and commercial networks).

Let’s look at a real-world example of how the telecom brand relied on Walmeric to improve efficiency and ROIwhile increasing lead quality and lead-to-customer conversions.

Thanks to the implementation of L2RM technology in the different sales channels of the brand, we were able to enrich the Facebook Lead Ads data (conversion target) with offline sources, such as Call Center, to generate higher quality leads. In addition, we performed the real-time integration of the brand’s CRM with Facebook’s offline conversions API, for a real-time update and delivery optimization of the campaigns on the social network.

The brand maximized its results:
Top quality conversions thanks to lead conversion targeting and the Offline Conversions API.
+35% Conversion rate compared to usual campaigns
-5% Cost per qualified lead

Orange's opinion about Walmeric

Why trust Walmeric?

Experience in complete understanding of the funnel: more than 10 years maximizing the potential of technology, implementing multi-sector solutions in 16 countries.
Focus on results: 29,9M conversions and more than 62.4M leads managed in 2021 confirm our commitment to profitability and efficiency.
Efficiency, scalability and innovation: we constantly analyze the return model of our customers’ needs, we develop new optimized solutions every year based on an intensive use of technologies.
Partners program: commissions for sales and recurring income for different concepts, as well as support according to type of partner, volume managed and experiences managed.

As a partner, what opportunities will I have?

1. Sales per customer
Modelo de ventas recurrente (licencia mensual) e incremental (variable según el volumen de leads gestionados).

2. Linked to customer growth
Model linked to the client’s ambition and growth objectives. For example, to increase policy acquisition each year.

3. Linked to perfomance
The higher the customer’s bottom line, the higher the revenue as a Partner.


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